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Wynn Creasy Fine Art
Virginia Landscapes and Abstracts in Oil and Oil P
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Wynn Creasy
Alexandria , Virginia - United States
Oil Painting - Landscapes

Artist's Statement
With my passion for Oil Bars (oil paints in a solid stick form) and Oil Pastels as my medium of choice, I am constantly exploring the fine line between drawing and painting. I love to use alternating thick and thin layered vibrating lines of contrasting colors and smooth color washes to express the contour and vibrant energy of the earth around us. I work primarily on paper and in medium to large sized works suitable for framing for home and office.
Originially from South-western Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, my love of nature and the contrasts of land and sky are illustrated in a painterly combination of color and line. My rich and intensely colorful impressionist and abstracted landscapes are about expressing a sense of belonging, of safety, of home. I try to draw you in and give you a sense of the majesty and the variety of the earth I inhabit in the Virginia countryside. Along with my use of brilliant colors, these techniques are combined to...
Artist Blogs

The life of the professional artist.
It really isn't that unusual. And yet people think that the fact that I paint every single day, and that I spend MORE time marketing and doing the business of my work as others do at any 9-5 job is strange. I learned a long time ago that the world doesn't really NEED another painting - no matter how well crafted, or original. And I am one of hundreds of thousands who work in oil, Pastel, and acrylic. If i really want to make a livelihood of my created work then I have to sell it! That means hustling to find new venues to sell, new galleries to represent me, new areas to explore, new people intrerested in the collection of fine art.(After all, how many paintings can you hang on your walls at home? There is an infinite number....)
And so I paint, and I call, and I enter competitions, and I do mailings, and I do weekend fine art shows, and I send out press releases, and I arrange for interviews, and I try to update web sites, and I try to balance it all with a life.
Luckily for me.. i lvoe it all and People are starting to really value my work for my vision and for my sense of color and being rooted. Amazing thing that!

The Homestead - Oil Pastel - 18" x 24" - $490.00

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