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Wildlife Art and Pet Portraits
Flower, Bird and other Animal Art
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Liz C
- - Canada
Watercolor - Nature

My artwork revolves around what I love which animals and nature. I paint in watercolor but I feel most comfortable working in pen and ink. The past several years I have been making computer art which is sold through several print on demand services on the internet. I also recently began painting with acrylic which I'm really enjoying. My acrylic painting site is at

I take commissions for pet portraits through my website and prints of my computer flower and bird art are also available through my site.
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Art Scams
Every now and then I get one of those emails in which someone tells me they are interested in buying several pieces of art to decorate the new home they are moving into. Apparently a lot of other artists do too. These potential “buyers” are nothing more than scammers trying to scam you out of your hard earned money.

The senerio of the email may slightly differ but the scam works in the same way, they send you a check or money order for more than the required amount and then want you to send back the difference to a specified address. The only thing is the “check” is fake and of course your bank won't take the loss but will recoup the money from you, and if you've already sent the difference, well, you just lost your money to a scam.

Protect yourself from these scams by never ever accepting payment for more than the specified amount. Never agree to the buyer arranging their own shipping, this is where the scam takes place, the extra “money” they send is suppose to be for shipping which you are expected to send to their shipper. If accepting payment by check wait until it clears before you send the artwork. More information these types of art scams can be found at

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