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Susan Dehlinger's Sunshine Gallery Sampler
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Susan Dehlinger
Jacksonville , Florida - United States
Oil Painting - Still Lifes

"Appreciation of art has always been an integral part of my life and an underpinning in all my career endeavors. From minoring in art history in undergraduate school; to becoming an international flight attendant spending much of my layover time in some of the world’s greatest museums and marketplaces; to becoming a marriage and family therapist and approaching couples therapy as an art form rather than a has been the centerpiece as well as the connection between my heart, mind, and soul. As a parent, I applied my love of art by painting life size wall murals in my children’s bedrooms of their latest interest du jour from Sesame Street to Star Wars.

Now as an empty nester, I can finally exercise this life long passion for art "my way" with painting affordable oils on canvas primarily in the forms of still life and landscapes. I love to play with light and shadow in my work to highlight small, intimate details that might otherwise go unnoticed by a casual...
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Sunshine Musings - Works in Progress
It's 10 AM on a Tuesday in paradise......and a day set aside to much better can it get? I'm working on several new pieces......this one looks a bit garish for my typical traditonal style......must have been the Margaritas! Visit my site at to see more of the works in progress....and a whole lot more art that is finished.

Entry for July 04, 2009 - new work in progress
Entry for July 04, 2009 - new work in progress
Happy 4th America!

Here's a link for fellow artists.....check it out, sign up, and display your work for the world to see and enjoy!

Aerwork Recently Added to Sunshine Gallery
Perhaps the silver lining in an economic downturn is the continued desire (and more available time) to paint just for the sheer love of painting. That in itself is inspirational and motivating to continue to put paint to canvas almost daily and just have fun. So what if sales and commission consults are down, I am finding creative blessings in the midst of a more deliberate and thoughtful economic perspective.

I have recently added several pieces to my online gallery that you can view at . I am currently close to completing a 20 x 24 canvas landscape/still life of a huge Geranium plant in a claypot atop a stone wall. Stay tuned. Deciding when it is finally done is the hard part!

Gallery Exhibit
Not to be too braggadocios, but I proudly announce that many of my art pieces are now on display in a unique and eclectic gallery off Palm Valley Road. If you are local to the North Florida area, please contact me for directions and hours. Otherwise, please view my comprehensive inventory of work on my virtual gallery at

Staying on Track
Staying true to the promises to myself and on track with soul nurturing for 2008..........check out my website to see the seven new oils paintings added at .

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Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-05-22 20:37:08
kitch copper feels so homey ,makes want sit in a kitchen and the wonderful smells of food cooking
Natalie Wilson
2007-12-31 12:39:42
Beautiful work, Susan!
Doris Burnham
2007-01-26 07:12:10
Susan, just beautiful! All of your paintings just are so realistic and colorful.
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