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The many arts that make up who Iam
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Steven William Leak
Powder Springs , Georgia - United States
Acrylics - Landscapes

Published Writer-Non Fiction Stories,and Poetry-Acrylic Painter on mostly over large clayboard-Pastelist,Watercolors,Skecthes-35 mm slr range camera Photography.
Almost all of my work is of land and sky scapes.
I have so much of light,color,shadow,and patience to learn,compared to only a few years ago after much prayer,and expense of equipment my prayers were answered-any suggestions are always appreciated.
Iam a single Southern Gent,retired perhaps to early at 40,now 54,and in between looking tirelessly for employement I likewise steep myself in the arts both doing and supporting.
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through with art
thought with depression/anxiety/older age/epilepsy my art could help,but i see after the likes of mr j. rabb i cannot even do that.
Iam sorry iam not as nerdy about computers/software as he,Im sorry my memory isn't what it was.
one day there will be a judgement mr rabb.
may G-d be as judgemental of you as you were of me.

Artists be cautous of Georgia free artist website
you may know some of the artists who've done well there I havent heard of anyone who has heard of anyone having anything more than I have which is problems.
Both we vain,and hopeful as well as the truly good artists have a habit of taking anything free on the web in order to get our work exposed however the site I refer you to is one which must still be in beta if it is at all for real.
Hope you have a good holiday weekend
all the best

calm - 35mmslr - standard commercial - $vanity

Michael McCausland
2008-06-07 07:17:04
Dear Steven: You are a jewel of the universe. just as the rest of us are. Humans are the universe looking back upon itself. I do hope that you do not feel that you are old at 54. The real joke is that we are as old as star dust since that is what we literally are. Your art is a special perspective of the universe looking back upon itself. God Bess and et God Bless you.
Michael McCausland
2008-06-06 21:59:58
Dear Steven: I enjoy your acrylic self. It is true that art is the language of the soul. I lost the use of my hands after developing my own distinct brush stroke for 38 years. That is why I am into photography. It is not quite the language of the soul but it will have to do until I get my brush stroke back. Sincerely, Michael Woods McCausland
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