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gallery of Aly Elsohby
Colored Sculpture
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Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby
Cairo - Egypt
Sculpture - Abstract

Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby.Professor of sculpture, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University. born in 11 / 5 / l956, Cairo.
The works of the sculptor "Aly El-Sohby" include colored sculpture. He held a number of private (individual) exhibitions in addition to participating in a number of public exhibitions; whose total number would reach up to 25 exhibitions.
"Sculptural Drawings in the Space" 2004. ''Colored Sculptural Structures of Young girl" 2004. "Holes In The Colored Sculpture'' 2001.
"Serial and Colored Sculptural Structures'' 1997. "The Balance of the Visions in Closed And Opened Space in Colored Sculpture" 1996.
[The Colors' Argument In The Three Dimensional Plastic'
Egyptian Colored Birds"]1993.
Moreover, he obtained many awards, has a good deal of scientific research in the field of modern and contemporary sculpture and participated in a number of scientific conferences.

phone: 0201061295119
Artist Blogs

The surprising role of color in Sculpture
Hi my dear
I am pleased to send you the link to my website well as a video for my artwork in Colored Sculpture.
looking forward for a future cooperation. And this news
The artist Magazine “Artmolds Journal”, which is an artistic magazine interested in sculpture and its special techniques issued in New york, celebrated in its issue of October- December the Egyptian Artist Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby, Professor of sculpture. They published an article on his colored sculpture works entitled: “The surprising role of color in Sculpture” by the Writer Ed McCormick, the publishing manager and editor of the magazine.
Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby
Professor of sculpture

Inclination - Mixed colors Polyester. - 12.8×6.9×26 cm. - $1500$

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