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Savago Lome
Art and Artist
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Savago Lome
Ft Lauderdale , Florida - United States
Oil Painting - Other/Misc.

"...I have no real style, I just go on trying other things..."

"...I loved to draw and paint since I remmember myself. Once when I was a kid in the kindergarden, I painted a still life picture with fruits, after I showed it to all other kids, they asked me to make a copy for each one of them..."

Savago (Savajo) Lome was born in 1989 in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Russia. She is artist and model. She took pseudonym Savago Lome after she finished art school in 2004.
She participated in numerous international exhibitions while studing in art shcool. In 2005 Savago Lome won award on All-Russia art competition (watercolors and drawings). After finishing high school she enrolled to Siberian Federal University with major in innovation technology. During next two years she had local exhibitions and kept painting, singing as Lome (Savago wasn't born then yet as an artist's saying)
She moved to the US in 2007 where she bacame a model.
She had her first solo exhibition in Aventura,...
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Since my very childhood I've paid attantion to my nightdream.

Dreams are regulary different, sometimes they repeat, sometimes we don't see them, sometimes it is not clear . In the dream world you can sing, run, fly, you could a boy or a girl, you can see yourself from outside, you can travel in time, etc.
But It's been impossible to me to manage my drems. While my sister was telling me that she programs hers before go to bed.
I remember I was wondering whether I could get in my sister's head through my dream and see that she was dreaming.
I remember that once we had the same dream.

And here you ask - where is surrealism?
I still remember.

By the way I like dreams when I fall in love. There is the same senses in the world of drems that we experience on earth.

Now get back to the topic. I believe that the dream is unconscious process where the brain unloaded from the accumulated information and digest it. That's one point, the other is that the dream is entry , window, door or tunnel for more information. Information about yourself and the world around you.

When I studied at university, I have dreams where I go regularly to tackle some math tasks and logarithms. When I was tired as a rule I didn't have a dream or the dream evaporates so I couldn't remember it.
I started to sketch some images that I saw that I was excited. It's important in this affair shut down your brain and concentrate on yhe image you saw. You need to trust yourself and your feelings.

I have very interesting sensation around the top of my head when I'm falling asleep at night. I can feel a breeze like there is invisible gate at the top which is open. Could it be the channel of filling by ideas
and energy? In the other words I can feel like a tree's growing from my head.

I am an artist, and most of my artworks I've painted I saw in a dream. This is not like I see them in color, have already painted and ready. I remember the images and create a picture of them, trying not to change the essence. And then begin to ponder about what I drew. And what that means.It is Surrealism, isn't it?

8 in the morning - oil - 4 piece set

Craig Cantrell
2010-01-29 17:04:07
fantastic work, I like great colors.
Alicia Brown
2009-12-03 15:37:21
love all your works you are very talented
Muqeet Danawala
2009-06-07 23:12:08
Excelent Work... Vry dreamy gud goin. TC

Muqeet Danawala...
Corbet Anthony Wicks
2009-06-03 09:59:09
Very ,very nice, Last two minutes is Fabulous!
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