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Celebrating Oddity & Conformity
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Cecilia Schmitt
Springfield , Virginia - United States
Drawings - Abstract

I've grown up with a love of art since I was a small child. I have taken countless art classes, both in college and unofficially. I primarily enjoy drawing abstract pieces, but will occasionally delve into realism as well.
Artist Blogs

Acidic Ramblings part 2
"la la land of a thousand lakes. swift bee buzzz gangsta nightclub. out of this hemisphere to the great banquet. all attending personnel will be promptly executed. excuse my insanity and don't worry because it is just the beginning. the end will come as the introduction followed by the meat of the play: THE BEGINNING. what this means i do not know. what i know is that it is mean. vicious sour apple jelly. it will bite you if you attempt to devour it. break the rules with your teeth and inject the laws of nature. tie off the bleeding mind so the poison won't spread. fish in air is fish in suspention is fish in water is fish waiting. for it all to NOT make sense. for the peices to fall APART not together. for DISORDER to become the order. for CHAOS to provide the answers. nothing is interchangable with everything. a higher level is required. abstract thought is only the beginning."

"Tension spirals tornado of change ripping through life. Laugh at that and your hands are bloody, you are the one carrying the inspiration and struggle on. The struggle is the love, the path is life, the goal is the end, of handlbars gripping sweaty fingers interlaced with rubber sad it is that everything must live constantly and incurably. Forever never push the fucking lever and watch the mouse bite the cheese. Insense, instant, incessent hammering on the door. Come in already! Watch it hit the bullet and send it into another soul transforming it forever. IN--i am within myself. SAN--without or lack of. ITY--to interperet as you will, there is will and there is fate. We can make choices about the direction we want our lives to go, however THE CHOICES WE MAKE ARE PRE-DETERMINED."

"Perfect is ficticious annexed by belief unknown by trying never achieving nothingness but not ever existing for hopelessness abounds for those trying to aquire taste for the tasteless death for the living life for the lack of long sentence behind bars ramble rumple ripple repleated song of the soul ice fire heart robber intimidating growl of hearth burning cloud of quantum particles swirling in boiling soda in the pavement on the sea creeping through the car of tea drops cup of tears lying on the roof of my mouth sadistic bitch is schooling the children in the history of pluto "the first president of Pluto was Frank Sinatra" what in hell does this shit mean? don't ask me because i know but i'm not telling you because i am you and you already know so you shouldn't be asking me in the first place but since you placed second i guess i have to be civic minded and pay my dues to your sorry asset of comercial thought and corporate feeling. McDonald's suffers from Binge Eating Disorder. Guess Jeans suffers from Anorexia. Bebe has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Hot Topic has Antisocial Personality Disorder. Chanel is a victim of Dissasociative Identity Disorder. Borders Books is Obsessive Compulsive. Radio Shack had Attention Deficit Disorder. Kmart is afflicted with Major Depressive Disorder. Walmart has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Freud would say that Taco Bell developed a fixation at the Anal stage of development and is consequently "Anal Expulsive." We must take pity on these troubled souls and help them through their darkest hours, never giving up, encouraging them to seek help, and always keep buying buying buying time on the clock thread to keep sewing wind to keep blowing money to keep spending life to keep beginning anew again. Mountain Dew has a horrible addiction to Caffiene, but who is their to point him toward recovery? no one. They just take advantage of his deliciousness with no thought of the cost of their pleasure. The cost of your pleasure is often YOUR LIFE. remember that. "

Acidic Ramblings part 1
" I swim through the florid underbelly of space imagining in my mind a road encrusted with sound, the night screaming for justice, the verdict is death do us part the visual seas of the great electrical flow, god speaks humbly and only to those who will feel the power of eternity beyond the way out lies within great tears of light shed in the space if a vein.

Large pink poodle paws dabble in painting sculpture of the dividing power electrical wire suspended in eternity waiting to break free behind closed doors, open those doors and let your mind enter, let space and time preoccupy words so heavy they may sink ships, yet they raise like sails and fly on to warmer waters and colder sky.

Words escaping breathlessly from their trumpeter, screeching to a slitting halt, screaming at asputtering heart, lying beneath frozen grass living off frozen fire, satan is cold and hot, god is where the seas part magical mystical life is hell, heaven is death deflowered.

Constitution blood runs thin, clotting through open pores, pouring through the gates and closing minds, time stands still as if on a walk across a chopping block, eyes open all around, just frown, maybe they won't notice you, but I will, claim you yet selfish id selfless and god is a theoretical mathmatical equation the infinity and beyond lies within, like lions by a fire."

My Theory of the Universe
Disclaimer: please note that I have never studied physics, quantum physics, math or anything that I am talking about here. If this theory doesn't make sense that is probably why. I am not educated in these topics but find them fascinating.

Everything is energy. Nothing is solid, nothing is "matter"--just look at "matter" under a powerful microscope and you see it is made up of other tiny particles. Magnify those particles and you will see that they are made of even tinier particles. Nothing is truly "solid." Everything is energy and is constantly in a state of motion and change even if it appears solid and stable.

Math dictates what happens to energy. Everything is a mathmatical equation. There is nothing that happens randomly. There are always equations that logically explain everything that happens. It is not always apparent to us the cause of every event because the equations that go into moving energy happen not only on a grand and obvious scale but also on a sub-atomic scale that we cannot percieve.

Basically I am talking about cause and effect. Everything is cause and effect. Even though we cannot always percieve the cause becuase we cannot see things that happen on a sub-atomic or cellular or tiny-particle level without the aid of powerful tools.

If we could see all the mathmatical equations that go into how energy is moved then we could predict and manipulate the future. Mere humans are not capable of such perception however.

That is my theory. I am not saying this is fact or this is definately how the universe works, but I'm saying there is a strong possibility that this theory has some merit. Let me know what you think.

Fix my Heart - Crayola Markers - 9" x 11" - $200

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