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James moore
portland , Tennessee - United States
Acrylics - Landscapes

I am drawn to natural subjects and like to change things a bit to reflect an idea or feeling. I mostly work with acrylics on canvas.

I drew with pencil untill I was 16 at that point I decided I needed inprovment and started over with the simplest subjects I could find, Thats when I realized that there were details on my subjects that were not in my drawings and everything changed.

I felt empowered by this revelation and began to condition myself to see all the details weather doing artwork or not, but there was a more important revelation that I did not realized for some time.

some part of my mind knew those details were not there when I started over, so that part of my mind must have known what those details were. like when you leave home with that funny feeling that you forgot someting and your thinking why doesn't my mind just tell me what I forgot, it knows what you forgot but the details are in a part of your mind that does not have speach, so it tells you with...
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mill ruin - acrylic - 14x18

Amy Keys
2011-07-13 17:13:05
Thank you for your comments. I see you also like trees (me too). I will look you up on fb then.
James moore
2011-07-12 16:09:08
thank you amy
Amy Keys
2011-07-12 15:20:31
And dog is so realistic! (Like I said I like all of these! haha)

Amy Keys
2011-07-12 15:17:31
I like all you work shown here... you need to put a $ to them... I like Forest & Rabbit a lot! Well done James!
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