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Art of Hand Made Paper
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BROOKLYN , New York - United States
Mixed Media & Collage - Abstract

Jeffries grew up in Columbus, Ohio, surrounded by art and literature, immersed in the city’s culture. After quickly outgrowing the traditional curriculum of anatomy and figure drawing, painting, and lettering in her first year at Columbus College of Art and Design, she thrived at Ohio State, concentrating on theater design and finding herself drawn to work in glass and clay.
After receiving her BFA, Jeffries continued her studies at Parsons School of Design, Urban Glass in Brooklyn, Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Jeffries focused on painting, drawing, ceramics and glass blowing as a way of expressing her deepest creativity. The people with whom she studied include some of the most talented makers and respected teachers of studio craft in our time. Her journey continued as she worked with costumes on Broadway, in films and television.
As an African American woman, Jeffries has always maintained awareness of her heritage. Her interest in literature, history and sociology...
Artist Blogs

Join me on Saturday August 15, from 12 – 6 PM for a paper making workshop “MAKE YOUR JUNK MAIL BEAUTIFUL”. I will show you how to recycle junk mail, paper bags and egg cartons into beautiful personalized paper.
This is part of the launch party to celebrate the new Hancock Community Garden. This will be an all-day event at the community “backyard” located at 324 Hancock Street, between Tompkins and Throop in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. All are welcome. Visit the gardens website for more information about this event. or email

How to Buy Art
People buy art for many reasons. I buy art because I love it.
I was attending a fundraiser/art auction to which I had donated a piece of my art. I was there to support the event. You know, meet the artist-buy the art sort of thing when I decided to finally view the gallery where the art was hung. I casually strolled around scanning the art noting the artists that I knew. As I nearly completed my perusal I spied a low hung work of art. After a sharp intake of breath and touching my pearls, something in my cerebral cortex lit up. My amygdala began buzzing and sparking. The rods in my retina started dancing around - I was in love!
This was a piece of art that just spoke to me. It whispered “I’ve been waiting for you. Take me home. You must have me. I delight you!”
I had only come to say hello, I had no plans to acquire any art. I didn’t even know if I could afford to make the donation that would guarantee me a shot at the piece or if I would have to fight someone for it. Darn it all- I quickly calculated my budget, registered for my number, dashed back to the gallery and held my breath until my number was called. I didn’t even know who the artist was. It was a late donation and did not have a label on the wall, but it was mine!
I gleefully took the piece off the wall and carried it to the wrapping table. On the way as I passed the bar one of the patrons said to me-“You got a really nice piece.” I beamed and nodded like a woman who had just scored the deal of the century, “I sure did”.

Managing Art Collections
What’s new for me in 2012? Well in 2010 I was chosen for the art handler training course sponsored by the Bronx Council on the Arts Development Corporation. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to use some of my latent skills and I realized experienced I had gained in the entertainment field would translate to the fine arts world. I thought about what I would like to do along with my career as an artist. I researched returning to grad school but realized that would take a few years. What could I do to gain more experience and learn the art world right now? In the fall of 2011 New York University’s School of Continuing Education launched a certificate course in Arts Management specifically the management of art collections. So I begin this journey. I also have established some private clients and am available for consultation.
I am interested in dealing with people who have collected art and artifacts but don’t know what to do with them or what their value might be. I come into their home with an assistant and take pictures of all of their objects and begin a database to catalogue them with as much information as I can. This database is very useful for insurances purposes or documentation for wills and donations.
I can offer suggestions as to proper framing, storage and if the objects need conservation, research and connect clients with appraisers or auction houses. This is and exciting new venture for me and I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring.

Long Hot Summer
It's been a long hot summer here in NYC. The heat and a flood has kept me away from the studio. I am still busy with projects and will soon clean up the studio and get busy with new work.
I am presenting my photography for the first time at BWAC's fall show. These are intimate photos; details of things that I notice on my journeys to and from my studio. Here's what's happening:
The Blackwash Collective Presents:
September 1st thru September 30th, 2011
A collection of visual works chronicling the journey from the 17th Century to the 21st Century.
In celebration of the 96th Anniversary of the founding of
The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH),
By Dr. Carter G. Woodson, (Sept. 9, 1915), the Bronx Branch of ASALH is
Proud to co-sponsor this excellent artistic display.

ASALH 96th Anniversary Celebration & Artists Reception
Friday, Sept. 9, 2011
ASALH Anniversary Celebration 2:00 – 4:00 P. M.
Guest Speakers: Prof. Wm. Seraile (Lehman College and Bessie M. Jackson, Pres. Bronx Branch of ASALH
Artists Reception 5:00 - 8:00 P. M.
Workspace Harlem is located at 2340 5th Avenue, New York, New York 10037
Directly across the street from the Harlem Armory, btwn 141st and 142nd Streets

BWAC's Fall Art Show
September 17 to October 16, 2011
The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC, pronounced bee-wack) is a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation. Organized in 1978 by 16 artists looking for a place to exhibit, BWAC has grown to become Brooklyn's largest artist-run organization with over 400 members. Our artist/members are the management, leadership, board and staff. BWAC's 25,000 square foot gallery is in a Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront.

Black Dimensions in Art, Inc. present:
October 8, 2011 – October 17, 2011
We live in a world where our lives are governed by a collection of boundaries: social, political, intellectual, technological, physical, spiritual, and environmental. This theme will have the artist interpret the “I” in relation to those boundaries or any other that the artist may conceive.
Part of the inaugural MoHu festival
Special Artists Reception Saturday October 15, 2011
New York State Museum
222 Madison Avenue
Albany, New York 12230

Radiant Garden III - Recycled paper, composition gold leaf, mica powder - 20 x 20 inches

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