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John Minarcik
Plainfield , Illinois - United States
Oil Painting - Landscapes

I have loved and studied art in all forms for many years. Through out my journey, I have found that of all art I have seen, whether online, at museums, juried shows or any place else, paintings appeal to me the most. My favorite artist is Rafael Sanzio followed closely by Norman Rockwell.
Rafael has always appealed to me because of his liberal use of color. He was never reckless with color, but the mixes of color he created have never been seen before or since. Rafael started his apprentice ship at age 11. Even back in the fourteen hundreds that was considered extremely young to start. His self portrait always seemed to me to be of a man in search of something. I do not know if he ever liked the wonderful art he created, but I do know that he died at age 36. Imagine the art the world could never see because of his untimely parting.

Norman Rockwell was always a fun artist for me. Since I was a small child, I loved to tell stories. Norman Rockwell in my opinion is the best story...
Artist Blogs

Perfect Weekend
I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did. The weather was nice yesterday, perfect today, I was able to get a lot of painting done in preparation for my upcoming show. I got a hair cut, my wife changed the sheets and pillow cases on the bed, my bird was able to get rid of the blood feather that was hurting her, and to top it all off, Laura and I saw a bunch of buds on the shrubs next to our house. What a weekend, I don't even mind that it will be in the forties on Tuesday. Have a great night all.

OK, I get it. Regardless of how long you have been an artist you still have those moments where you stare at your blank white canvas and nothing happens. That blank canvas can be very intimidating if you let it. Remember my friends, you are the artist, you have the ability to create anything you want. I use my reference materials in bits and pieces. I select parts of a scene. I have found out that painting is like rolling a giant boulder down a hill. The hard part is getting it started. Once it gets rolling, just go with it. When I get in a rut, I will paint one small piece of a scene I took pictures of. Usually from The Morten Arboretum. You see, once you have an idea on the canvas, the rest of the story will play out itself. Yes, I mean it and no I'm not crazy, my Mother had me tested. I have discovered that with all of my paintings, I started out with a vague idea. Once I started painting it just evolved. I used to carefully sketch out my composition. My work looked too rigid, mechanical even, once more, it was not all that much fun. Trying to be so careful to keep the theme of the composition you came up with was dam exhausting at times. Now, I have an idea, I sketch some of it out with my brush not pencil and I allow the spirit of my idea to flow. Yes I know, this sounds like a bunch of Jedi nonsense, but in painting, I truly believe that if you let go and allow the painting to emerge on its own, then your work will be fluid and alive and a lot more fun to create. Remember, a person does their best work when they are enjoying what they are doing.
Keep painting my friends.

Smaller Sizes
All of you who have been keeping tabs on work over the years are probably a little confused at the smaller works I am producing now. Honestly, I never had any interest in going smaller then 16" X 20". I have always loved painting larger. I felt that the larger canvases would give me more freedom to create and use my imagination more. I was wrong, wrong and yes, wrong. Once I became used to using smaller equipment and materials (brushes and canvas) I found out that I have become a bit more creative with smaller works then I was with the larger. I don't know the reason behind it, but I do know that I am having more fun painting now then I have in awhile. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved painting, but painting these smaller sizes has opened up doors for me in my creative endeavors that I never expected. Please let me know what you think. For those of you who know me, I love all feed back, both positive and negative. Enjoy your day my friends and keep painting.

Great Show
Just got home from my first show of the new season. It was a smaller show that proved to be very wonderful. I love starting the show season with a lot of eager buyers for my art. It makes getting up in the wee hours of the morning more then worth it. For right now, I am finding out that smaller localized shows are much more beneficial to the artist these days. Don't get me wrong, I love the chaos of a bustling busy large format show. It just seems that the smaller ones lately have more people interested in buying rather then just looking.

New To Site
Hello all. I just posted a couple of more images. I am new to this site and just getting the feel for it. Hope you like my work.

Midnight Glow - Oil - 8" X 10" - $30.00

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