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Jodi Drinkwater Fine Art
Dreams of Water
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Jodi Drinkwater
Wichita , Kansas - -------------------
Acrylics - Abstract

I have my MFA in Creative Writing--Poetry, but I am a self-taught painter who grew up in western Kansas where I spent my time climbing the few trees planted by my grandfather and gazing out over the horizon. Here I projected images onto the great sky. Here I sang, created dramas, and told myself stories. I began painting when I was twenty-four and now show my work in the Wichita, Kansas area at various forums. I have published a few paintings in (or on the covers of) literary journals such as Mikrokosmos and American Literary Review. To see more of my paintings and to see my poems check out my blog Thank you for considering my work.

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Dazed and Confused
I've been a little out of it lately, but I managed to paint all day yesterday. I feel better having painted. Later, I'll share the pictures.

New Work
I just updated all of my images to show new work on my site. I've had a few responses on my older pieces, but I'm curious to know what people think of this new, weird stuff.

Although, it's off the site now, my piece "Blood and Water, Variation" which was recently sold, was just published, along with my poem, "No One" in The Shocker Magazine. That's Wichita State University's alumni magazine.

I sold a painting, and I'm ready to sell more
On the last days of my show at Watermark, my painting "Blood and Water, Variation" sold. I was thrilled to see the little "sold" sticker on the label. I'm trying to imagine that sticker over and over on all of the labels of my paintings in my future shows.

Healthy Again
I'm healthy again. And here's a poem:


The rain was falling on me,
my head tilted back against the brick wall
of the building on main street.
It was two a.m., and I was drunk.
My eyes blurred by the rain, my own tears
and several glasses of wine. A man splashed
by, and I heard his voice say are you all right?
I told him how I’m in love with you,
and I cried. I told him I tried to stand up
for myself, but I did it all wrong, that I want
you to love me, but you never will,
and your girlfriend’s all in the way.
He told me I’m beautiful and smart
and that I deserve better. He made me
look him in the eyes when he said that.
I asked if he was an angel. He laughed
and said he’d like to be someday.
We were hugging each other when you came out
of the bar. You told me he only wanted sex
and that I’m stupid and shameful and a fool.
But I know the truth. He was an angel.
And I’m going to try to let you go. Release you
somehow from this ragamuffin heart.
Let you speed so quickly away from me
like you did that night when you got me home,
left me standing in the middle of my wet, front yard
crying after you in the rain.

Sneezy, Happy, and Dopey
I've got a cold. I'm happy, and I have no access to my brain. And while we're on a roll, I'm Sleepy too.

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Red Trees - Acrylic - $250

Michael Carlos
2007-04-26 10:50:03
it's good to see you have new work posted (i've got to do the same). I really like Three Hawks. It reminds me of the Beatles song, Black Bird MB
Salli McQuaid, M.A.: Art
2007-04-22 09:06:05
I think 3 Hawks and Red Trees are particularly strong. I love their color, balance and rough tecnique. I believe the strenth of the imagery is reflective of the uninhibited nature of the work.
Michael Carlos
2007-04-18 21:03:40
YOU, can bug me any time you want!
Michael Carlos
2007-04-11 11:10:59
I'M BACK ON THE AIR (with a little help from my sisters computer)! It's good to hear of your sales (I knew your work would sell, so it's no big suprise).
Michael Carlos
2007-02-27 17:17:39
Hola, Word Girl! Good to have you back. Thought I was going to have to e-mail you some chicken soup (no easy task). The Outsiders weren't the same with out you. So don't go joyriding without your jacket no more.

Motorcycle Boy
"vroom vroom"
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