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Jason Edward Allen
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Jason Allen
Denver , Colorado - -------------------
Photography - Other/Misc.

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We as a society donít speak with one another as often as we used to. The telephone was a major invention that allowed us to communicate across great distances. Technology has evolved in such a way that this short period of hearing anotherís voice, albeit electronically, is now passing, giving way to texting and e mail. What this series of photographs is about is how these messages are part of our vernacular language. Using the vernacular landscape, and focusing on common, mundane displays such as billboards, I am demonstrating how this form of communication is becoming part of our everyday lives. Putting pictures of myself that are self-portraits taken with a hand held device and juxtaposing them with the messages further demonstrates how we are separated from one another, yet our images are displayed on the internet for all to see via social networking. I feel that we are again in a transitional state, and communicate faster than ever, but without the personal touch and affection that was once part of our lives. Hand written messages in letters gave way to the telephone, which has now given way to the everyday, common language of electronic typed messages, which will forever change the way that we communicate.


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