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Eric Marrero
Miami , Florida - United States
- Other/Misc.

My name is Eric. I graduated out of high school early and that same day I jumped head first into Cardiac Medicine. One year later, I'm sick and tired of it. So I'm back in what makes me happy. I apologize if I do not reply to your messages in time. I recentley enrolled in art school and I'm gonna be busy for quite some time. But I'll still respond. My art still has an experimental feel to it because I don't like sticking to one medium. All I know is I like art that evokes emotions in people, and I'll continue to do that kind of art. Because well... I like it.

Like the works of George Segal, Renoir, Lichtenstein, and all the other great artists before me; my art is done in my best efforts to make the viewer feel not as I felt while making my works, but the feeling of the aura of what I was drawing made me feel. That probably makes no sense, but I know what I'm talking about...

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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Brandon Stafford and his tremendous intrest in my work!
turns out these stupid scammers try to scam people that haven't even uploaded they're work...

My work? Yeah... about that...
I'm currently touching some of them up. But I'd promise myself they'll be up by next week. sorry if it looks like a desert. oh right I'm also new :)


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