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The Unreal World of Irena Aizen
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Irena Aizen
Tiberias - Israel
Acrylics - Other/Misc.

Irena Aizen was born in Russia.
Grown up in a family of artists, she is the third generation of artists in her family.
In 1981, Irena graduated in arts from Yaroslavl Art college.
In Russia, she worked as an illustrator in a book publishing house.
Since 1990, she has lived in Israel.
Her artworks are exhibited in the Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, USA),
the Naive Art Museum of Latvia (Riga),
the Tula Museum of Fine Arts (Russia),
Galerie Natalie Boldyreff (Paris, France),
Tribes Fine Art Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel),
Art Gallery "Sarah 7" (Haifa, Israel),
and may be found as part of private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Great Britain, China, etc.

Artist Exhibitions:
2013 - Ein Hod Artists Village (Israel)
Solo Exhibition.
2013 - Imagination Israeli Art
Group Exhibition. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
2012 - Museum of Russian Art Jersey City,NJ USA
Group Exhibit of Nine Leading Artists from Israel at MoRA
2011 Naive art museum of Latvia (Riga)....
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The unreal world of Irena Aizen
Irena Aizen, who possesses a philosophical mind and a satirical outlook on life, paints philosophical and satirical pictures. Or perhaps, vice versa satirical and philosophical ones. The trademarks of the artist's style is a psychological approach, fine analyses of human relationship and an impeccable sense of humor.

...When we want to show affection to a child or to a dear person, we might involuntarily call him or her "kitten" or "rabbit". "Rabbit" can be a little girl or a big man: rabbit or hare is a controversial creature. It is a symbol of procreation, continuation of the line, and it is also a spiritual creature. The Chinese considered The Hare to be an eternal animal, condemned to live on the Moon under cinnamon tree and pound in the mortar the Devine potion of immortality. Karl Yung calls the Hare "the helpmate animal", pointing out to the "not awaken one" the way to the Temple, and to "not enlightened one" the way to revealing a mystery. The Hare is many sided, fickle and deceptive.
All in all the hare has many faces as the man himself.

...The works of Irena Aizen give the viewer what each of us lacks so much: warmth of heart, stability, constancy. As we grow up we learn and accept the "rules of the game" of the adult life, forgetting this magic, subconscious childish feeling, telling us that everything will have a happy end. So let us feed on the positive energy from the images created by the artist's fantasy, and then everything we are used to- will turn into something unusual and all the indifferent into something thrilling.

Olga Morozova
PhD in art history
Senior assistant
A.S.Pushkin State Museum of
Fine Arts, Moscow

Excerpts from the article "The unreal world of Irena Aizen".
The original article in Russian may be found in the site:
Translated in English in the site:

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