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K.Neff, Artist
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Kathleen Neff
Marshfield , Missouri - United States
Watercolor - Nature

Having been a working artist for over 50 years, I concentrate on Mixed Aqueous painting. Traditional watercolor, waterbased pencil and stick, gouache, ink and Acrylic are my primary materials. I prefer 140# to 300# papers and watermedia canvas as grounds for my work.

Collections: smallWORKS (all work 11"x14" and under) and FocusART which depends on use of the 5"x 7" en matte watercolor pencil drawings for the peripherally soft-focus drawing surrounding a sharp-focus 1"x3" traditional watercolor painting on 140# paper.

Favored topics are nostalgic connections to landscape and scenic places; anything of historic character including still life subjects, barns and outbuildings, abandoned homesteads and neighborhood memories. Social commentary and statement-prone titling of work draws a bit of the ironic and humorous into paintings and drawings.

Special topics derived from submitted photos or outlined in email requests are always welcome.
phone: 417-859-4646
Artist Blogs

On the Brink of Spring
Time has passed and Winter is days from being officially over. March came in like a lamb following a disastrous February Finale and I think we, here in the Ozarks, are a bit wary of calling it 'over'. March always holds surprises but a whole week of 70's this week is almost too much to trust!

I've begun a Facebook Challenge for those Artists who 'Like'/are my Studio Friends. In anticipation of the first day of Spring my Friend from Davenport, IA and I will open our Studio Pages for the 'DANDELION CHALLENGE'! I've picked my first two and she has made the first move with a GRAND Dandelion work of art.

I wonder what Spring games others have in mind...Art for St. Patrick's Day? Woodland sprouts and mosses greening up? Rainy Day work in the Studio? I will be taking the First Day of Spring on an Art Expedition - finding locations for Student Art Trekkers to come together in the Out-of-doors and chronicle some atmosphere with sketching and drawing. Plein Air. Spring Air. Ahhh!

Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Atmosphere!
One expects winter in the Ozark hills to be a bit milder than our more northerly Midwest friends and relatives experience...BUT at the same time Missouri's can change from sun to tornado, lilacs blooming in December, to ice storms, snow-covered daffodils AND record-setting dry spells within the blink of an eye.
This is what I call ATMOSPHERE!

For an artist who often displays in outdoor fairs and festivals this is also what I call a pain in the neck! Then, imagine what I endure during the winter months alone: rain, snow, sleet, wind...and beautiful clear blue skies with wispy clouds to create a flawless background -and Yes, a changing ATMOSPHERE not only for my paintings, but my drawings.

The sky is higher and brighter and bigger...The weathered red of the barns and lingering oak leaves on the neighbor's trees - crisp and sharply defined...A perfect view for sharp images in the 'memory files' and the SKETCHBOOK ARCHIVES. So, do I REALLY mind taking an umbrella, hooded jacket, sunglasses, billed cap, face mask, camera and gloves with me (just in case...) as I head to the Fairgrounds Park to conduct a Sketch Hike on a 55-degree winter day? NOPE! For me it's a way to capture ATMOSPHERIC IMPRESSIONS in quick studies and mental notation...from one page to the next. All of which are excellent for making comparisons, companion works, teaching aids, and- FINE ART! The work that results from taking the time for thoughtful observation.

The changing seasons are the joy and inspiration of my life. They provide the fodder for growing my artful pursuits. I love them all!

What sort of Atmosphere colored your Art World today?

Preparation for A New Year
As the days until Christmas move quickly, the list of 'Things to Do' grows longer and longer. Top-most on my list for January is my 2012 Calendar.

This will be a year that includes expanding my Workshops, Retreats and Day-Trips for those who Draw! Paint! Create!

Added to my Class Schedule will be "Vintage Arts-Mixed Media", "Mixed Media -Aqueous and Drawing Techniques" and a return of "Drawing the Five S's"

Naturally I will be in the Studio surrounded by my tubes and pans of watercolor, pencils, drawing sticks and papers, pads and boards...but this year I cannot include my annual Winter to Spring drawings and Sketch Crawl subject-the backyard apple tree. It had to be put to rest following damaging ice storms of a couple years ago! I often sat on my uncovered deck with snow falling around me drawing the old apple tree and checked in again when warmer weather was leaning to spring blossoms and sprouting leaves. Each season brought changes and new interest from my Golden Retriever, Mr. Bojangles who simply LOVES winter, gets frisky in spring and elects to stay inside in the air conditioning in the heat of summer. He is my constant companion in the fall, loving the maple leaves as much as I do...though I'm beyond rolling around in them or building leaf houses at 74 years old! Bo is almost 11 years old and moves slower, is overweight and sheds his hair...just like me!!!
The coming year will have many new painting subjects dipping into my treasured Sketch Crawl work and the Vintage thoughts I'll draw from throughout the year. I will be sharing many of them as they emerge. I hope you'll join me from time to time and let me know which you like...why you like and what you'd do differently. Happy Year's End...Kathleen

Welcome to My Gallery
I have spent an evening reviewing work I would like to show you. Some can be seen in Studio settings online, some in Exhibits in my locale and some which are in the Studio space I call HOME. I am pleased to have a portfolio like this which is uncomplicated to navigate.

Country Counterpane - Traditional Watercolor, Gouache, Ink - 10" x 14" (custom matted) - $WINTER SPECIAL

Rakesh V V
2012-09-07 02:25:21
Your painting is so natural that it is giving the feel of the nature..
Sandy Bennett
2012-01-19 06:35:00
It is so great that you are doing what you love and painting what you see and love around you. Paint us a pic of Mr. Bojangles -
Brieanna Giordano
2011-12-15 10:40:14
Love it!
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