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I like to try new things...
experimental / outsider artist
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Heather Keen
Alpharetta , Georgia - United States
- Other/Misc.

I don't have any one particular medium or subject that I work in because I just really like to try a little of everything. I tried painting a little bit once with oils, and I hated it because they were expensive & messy, so I admit I do have a strong affinity for acrylics because they are the opposite. I also like to paint with nail polish honestly--hey, I'm resourceful, and they really offer a nice variety in color and effect. Of course digital photography is becoming a favored medium for me now as well. I love to play with both 2 & 3-dimensional projects, and my subject matter varies widely by my mood &/or inspiration. I've done landscapes, portraits, caricatures, and a fair amount of abstract work... explored nature and social commentary too... It's all interesting to me, and it's all fair game.

*If you are interested in seeing any more of my work (not seen here), please feel free to Contact Me. I'd love to share my work with you.

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More about me... as an artist...
I have no formal training, but I love art. I used to draw a lot as a kid & throughout adolescence, but in high school I was told by the dean of some snooty art school that my work was amateurish, so I stopped drawing almost altogether for a while. In college, however, a dear friend of mine dragged me to the college supply bookstore and helped me pick out some cheap materials to start painting... I had no idea what I was doing... didn't know what to do with all these different shapes & sizes of brushes or what kind of paint to use or anything, but I bought the cheapest stuff in the store and headed home to give it a go. That day changed my life, and I have been experimenting ever since. (And now in retrospect, I think: I was just a kid! Of course my work was amateurish! Why'd I let that bother me so much that I almost gave up on art completely?)

As you can see, I eventually bought a digital camera and a computer, so I've enjoyed experimenting with that medium a lot, too. (Again, though, I bought a mid-priced camera & the cheapest photoshop software possible, but I think I've still created some quality work.) I've also created a few sculptures recently, using household objects for armature & cheap plaster substitutes, and while it has been fun trying to figure it all out, I know I still have A LOT more to learn before I can call myself a "sculptor."

Working a 9-to-5 kind of gig now as an adult, I haven't been able to devote as much time as I'd like to creating more art, but I still find ways to satisfy my creative urges... In fact, lately I've been painting a lot of furniture--if it looks boring or ugly or just unfinished, I'll attack it with a punch of color and maybe an elaborate design if the mood strikes me. So far I've done a couple of old bookcases, a table, and my childhood toy chest... but I've got a boring, plain white bistro table awaiting my attention now as well.

Evil Eye - digital photo

Andres Art
2008-02-27 10:00:26
like your digital art, you should take a look at mine
Jana Furzer
2006-10-09 10:05:24
Heather,thanks for your comments on my gorilla,its one of my favorites too,and it lead me to viewing and enjoying your work.I jusy read an article that stated "practice creativity everyday" and you are! I am just dipping into the photo pool but you are swimming! Very nice-good luck to you!
Desirea Thole
2006-10-04 22:51:45
Your work is wonderful! Very different, good job!
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