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The Alternative Fine Art of Forrest King
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Forrest King
Cheyenne , Wyoming - United States
Oil Painting - Portraits & Figures

My goal as an artist is to impact society with rich visual representations of sub-cultures and issues in social, political and religious lights. I want to be controversial, but still respectful. Do not judge my work until you take the time to absorb it's meaning, which in most cases streams strait from my soul. The following is an artist's statement I wrote back in 2002:

"As an artist, I must ask myself inner questions. I must explore myself, before even beginning to think of creating a piece. How do I communicate taste, hearing, feeling, aroma, in a form of communication frozen in sight? How can I make the witnesses of my work feel what I feel, and all of the other senses I experience? These are my goals as an artist. I am constantly working to create something that grips the mind, and pulls it into another realm of thinking; a realm of thinking that arouses the senses, and opens the mind. I try my best to express myself in a way that will make one think, question life, and...
phone: 307-631-6795
Artist Blogs

The Beauty of Angst Line Defined
This is a blog I wrote about the line back in October, 2006 when I had only completed 2 paintings for it:

"The Beauty of Angst is a visual representation of the youth and young adults of today who embrace the alternative.

These people rise against conformity, institution, regularity... the norm or the trend sickens them. They are viewed by the world as rebelious, and world is right. They are viewed by the world as ugly and invaluable, and the world is wrong.

Generation "Y" is the most visually arousing generation to me, and I'm sick and tired of seeing paintings portaying the so-called perfect woman in traditional poses and garb... that shit is just getting old, and we are failing to see the beauty in our alternative, punk, metal, goth, emo groups of outstanding individuals who can change the world and offer a stunning beauty in a class above the rest.

The Beauty of Angst is my solute to the alternative; to chuck taylors, to dyed hair, to skirts paired with doc martins, to tattoos and peircings, to the music our parents wish we didn't listen too! It's about time we were seen through art as the beautiful creatures that we are, and not as the black sheep of society.

The Beauty of Angst will consist of at least 10 peices which will be shown in an exhibition I hope to have in the spring. I want to hold it in Fort Collins somewhere, but perhaps it will be in Cheyenne to start, and then be held again in Fort Collins, I'm not sure yet...

My creative artistic juices are finally boiling again and I must create. With any hope these peices will reveal the true beauty of our alternative generation Y-ers, and change the perspective of our conservative society here in the Rockies.


It seems it evolved from my original intentions into it's own animal. I started this line shortly after a divorce and fall from grace... I had just started to discover myself and what I truly believed outside the bounds of my fenatic Christian background. Hence, much animosity towards organized religion and the church can be picked up from these paintings. I was dealing with my own issues, expelling my heart... I therefore have not brought myself to let any of these peices go. They are almost too personal... and I believe this is a line that I will continue to add too for the rest of my life. I have numerous more paintings in my mind waiting to be birthed for the world to see which communicate more of my deep seeded sentiment towards the church, politics, and conservative society. But I also feel I am speaking for my generation through this work, that there is a collective mindset in my generation that feels so cheated by these religious, social and political issues our parents ignored. My only hope is to have an impact, and in a way I have. It has been shown in Cheyenne and in Laramie, and has evoked a range of emotions in people, from hatred and disgust, to love and adoration, to even emotional pain.
I plan to have prints of The Beauty of Angst paintings available for sale by this summer. They will be purchasable through my website:

The Beauty of Angst - Oil - 36x36 - $prints available summer 2009

stanley drummer
2009-09-18 11:47:33
I like your work
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