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Daniie Loshaw
Gravenhurst - Canada
Digital Art - Nature

Hiya, My name is Daniie but any online friends may call me Doggy if you want ^^ I am a hudge fan of anime ALL animes or manga. In my deviouse info there are some of my fave bands etc. Oh and Japan RULES!! I will someday live there I swear it, I tired of my stinky country! I love animals and have a shih-tzu dog he is extremly large for a full breed.. he is the dog in my photos by the way. But my fave breeds of dogs I personally like best are german shepard, husky, mount bernese, golden retreiver, you get my point mainly the big smart ones.

I really don't have that much of a life you could say, my mom pretty much hates my gutes and told me to move out at 12 years old.. so I have lots of spare time apart from school and what not. So I try spending that time doing something that people like you online will enjoy such as photography art and drawing creating videos, etc. So thats why I decided to join deviant art also my friends Oce suggested it for me. It would be awesome if some of...
phone: 705-706-4465
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