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Leah Fretwell
Kamloops - Canada
Drawings - Portraits & Figures

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Just the Start
Drawing is like a meditation for me as I'm sure it is for many people. My life had been a real struggle up until a couple years ago. I went many years without drawing, I was always in survival mode. But now I've found a place where I can relax and heal. So my inspiration came back to me one day although the the thought has always been with me. I believe everything happens for a reason and I feel this is the time to become more in touch with my creative side. After the loss of my partner 2 years ago, my whole life took a dramatic turn and I've slowly been crawling out of the darkness and have had a strong urge to express my emotions. Art gives me that grounding, peaceful feeling. Because I've been out of practice for so long, I know I just have to keep it up and I hope to become more skilled one day. I would love to really make my drawings look as real as possible.

In the moment

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