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Mosaic Glass Art
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Mary Davis
Southlake , Texas - United States
Glass - Abstract

We all have unwanted parts to us. We all are broken somewhere wether we admit it or not, but all of those pieces mosaicked together has made each of us who we are today and everyone of us is a beautiful creation.

I love working with broken glass and recyclable products for so many reasons. One reason is I know my pieces can never be reproduced. The original will always be the original and one of a kind. Glass also has so many wonderful properties that work beautifully in art. I have personally observed this in Italy, France, London, Singapore, and other travels. Not only can you have colored glass to bring out particular colors, but glass will always reflect back and add colors that surround your environment making any art piece work perfectly in any environment. Glass also holds the illuminating property that paint just canít reach. Glass gives art the sparkle, bling, or wow factor which Iím inspired by living in TX. I also incorporate something old, in every piece and...
phone: 817-371-0476
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Cheeky's Art Introduction
Cheekyís provides high end products that you can feel confident in. Our products are earth conscious and not mass produced. These works of art are also eco friendly since alot of the art is made from recycled materials.

Mary & Scott Davis are the co-owners of Cheekyís in Southlake, TX. Mary is the artist, and her work is definitely out of the box and beyond mundane rectangular frames. Cheeky's art is exciting, rich in color, and full of detail, and bling.

Mary loves to serve her community and the arts, and is the Chairperson for Youth Art in the Square 2009 and 2010 for Southlake, TX.

Feel free to contact us for pricing and custom order info.



Mary Davis
2010-02-23 18:35:41
Please visit our home web site for clearer picture at
Mary Davis
2010-02-23 18:30:31
Please visit our home web site for clearer picture at
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