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Nataliya Bukhanova
Artist, advertisement designer
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Nataliya Bukhanova
Legal - Canada
Watercolor - Abstract

There are words to an old song, “You will see the soul of the crystal reflected in the edges of mirrors, and you will see the soul of world reflected in the edges of dreams”. In my artworks I try to go behind the usual understanding of things and events. I try to show another side of world, the edges of reality which reflect one another endlessly creating our universe. I think of the questions of life, death, creativity, and love. How does a soul come to this world? How does one separate dream and reality? How does love change the world? How does the mind of Universe reflect itself in people and nature?

Except working as an artist, I am clinical pharmacologyst, PhD of medecine.
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There is a mother who gives life to a child. There is a Mother who gives birth to a soul. She creates the flow of life which never ends.

Universe consists of complicated patterns of basic lines of energy. These lines live – move, change their colors, and interact between with one another. When they interlace they create something – a soul, an event, or even an entire world. When millions of worlds interact and interlace they create Mind. Or Mind creates and changes these worlds by its existence?

Imagine that there were two twin sisters. They were always together and lived in one world only for them. Then one of them died, but a strong connection between them still exists. One sister lives by two lives. She is half in life and half in death, half in this world and half behind the borders of this world.

This picture is about love: about the interaction between two people, their love, and the universe. When people love each other, they change not only themselves but also the world around them. The Universe responds to this and changes itself as well.

Dance is rhytm – Rhytm is sound.
This is one of the basic features of the universe. It is possible to touch the universe through the dance.

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Call of Goddess - acrylic - 16x20 inches - $photos and cards

Brian Stewart
2009-12-15 10:01:35
Intense and emotional work. Nice compositions that control the eye movement with color, depth, and value. Look forward to seeing more.
Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-05-22 20:54:54
Wow your are intense and beautifully detailed.
Michael Carlos
2008-02-15 12:03:16
thank YOU Nataliya, for your thought-provoking and insightful comment about "Keys".
Here in my hometown, many galleries have rejected my art. They say that my work isn't true art. So, when I receive such a heartfelt comment (especially coming from an artist of your caliber), it means more to me then you can imagine. Thank you :)
P.S. I love that you have your own website up and running! I can now see your wonderful artwork, in better detail.
Your friend, and biggest fan,
Greg Dodson
2008-02-11 17:35:07
Beautiful, very deep and thoughtful!
Rebecca Lemke
2008-02-05 03:58:59
Your art is exquisite Natalaliya, I admire the energy you pour into. Your concepts are deep and beautiful.
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