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original oil`s on canvas
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robert hooper allen
kent - United Kingdom
Oil Painting - Portraits & Figures

hi bob here,born in chatham kent to paint and draw self tought,love the rolling stones ,the who,marrianne faithful,dusty,dr.feelgood.the late great johnny cash,bob dylan,im a very laid back person,as the lat brian jones of the rolling stones said in his epitaph..WHEN THIS YOU SEE REMEMBER ME AND BARE ME IN YOUR MIND,LET ALL THE WORLD SAY WHAT THEY MAY,SPEAK OF ME AS YOU FIND,(R.I.P.BRIAN).There are 2 quotes i adhere to the first is..I DISAPROVE OF WHAT YOU SAY,BUT I WILL DEFEND TILL THE DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT..AND OF COURSE.NIEL ARMSTRONG`S.THATS ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN,AND ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND..THANX BOB ALLEN
phone: 01634201591 /07748401472 (mobile)
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Time waits for no one is a song by of course the greatest rock n roll band of all time THE ROLLING STONES,if you have.nt heard it take the time to find it and listen to it,listen to it once,then again and then again,you will i think agree with me that this is an excellent song ,i can listen to it over and over again,it relaxes me and puts in the right frame of mind to paint,another song (by the stones)is You can`t always get what you want,the choir at the begining of the song is also excellent listen to these songs,i would love to hear any fead-back,if you agree with me,thanx.bob allen

manet is one if not my favourite artist,i love his work degas,renoir,and edward hopper are also some of my favs,and since ariving on this site ,i feel i can add a few more to that list,there are some facinating pieces of art here and artists ,and i thought i was was,nt to bad,as you yanks (forgive the expression) say `GOD DAMN it THERE GOOD` or words to that effect,i have never been to the states but wow there are some beautiful places to get inspiration from ,infact a lot of the figures i do come from pictures in us crime books,they do have some bloody good pics in,i live in a small place called CHATHAM its in kent (the garden of england,its about 50 miles from dover,and 30 miles to london the other way.anyway wont go on to much just to say hi to anybody that cares to read this ,thanx bob allen..

`DUSTY` - oil on canvas - 30x24 - $£500

Alicia Brown
2009-07-13 17:34:07
great works interesting style.
Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-05-22 21:02:27
global vision is my fav
robert hooper allen
2007-10-07 11:16:17
thank you that is very kind of you all ..bob
Kimberly Leonard
2007-10-07 00:51:08
your outside story is beautiful, and i like the rest of your work too!
Sheila Chapman
2007-09-29 23:55:06
The window shopper is my fave. I feel like I am there with him when I look at the work. You have a broad spectrum of talent, every pic is so different! love it
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