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Art of Justin Michael Jenkins
Genesis Drawing Collections for the new Millenium
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Justin Jenkins
Morgantown , West Virginia - United States
Drawings - Other/Misc.

Welcome everyone to my collection of work. I want to introduce you to my imaginative world where i break down reality and symbolize various aspects of our world in new ways. I try to observe our world through a scientific perspective and attempt to reveal the truth of existence and how we relate to reality as a species. I truly hope when you depart from my portfolio you feel something exciting. Most importantly, you enjoy your experience viewing my work.
Artist Blogs

Revealing the Underlying Scientific Energy of Life
When we observe a scene from a distance, we see what we perceive as reality in its physical state. What we find impossible to view with the naked eye is the small particle interactions that make up this physical matter that structures our reality. These molecular and scientific associations create patterns of invisible energy that create many interesting and powerful forces that help nature, humanity, and life on earth in sustaining itself. These mysterious forces, although revealed and explained in certain areas of science to some degree, remain a constant intellectual and curious discussion and debate on how they interact and associate themselves to create physical matter and their relationship with the infinite universe. I have taken this curious and mysterious energy force and attempted to represent this underlying dynamic in my own unique vision and approach. I seek to reveal with x-ray vision the underlying invisible swirling forces that swirl and interact in and around us.

With the use of color, shape, and the breakdown of physical form into tiny particles of energy that interact with each other, i take the organic and geometric forms found within our cells, bodies, life on earth, and the universe, and fused all these elements into dynamic scientific landscapes that attempt to seek the truth of this energy. I try to essentially take an everyday scene or subject and then with the help of an analyzed approach to the various forms and shapes forge ahead on a journey to an unknown and mysterious world that is a balance between science and art. Spiraling bands of color that mirror our own DNA structure, geometric shape, and organic forms all collide within the composition to create an explosive array of elements that i want to challenge the viewer on many levels of sensation. The impact of the various color against the varying degress of form dissection create layers of distinction that balance the scientific dynamic. I want the viewer to get caught in the myriad of energy from the form and color and to become unified with the overall science. It's as if we are extraterrestrials looking in on our world here on earth and viewing the intricate dynamic that goes on beneath the surface of our physical reality.

A Blueprint for Life Revealed in my Anatomy Collection
Of all the creations that have spawned from the smallest molecules within the universe, the human body has to be one of the most beautifully complex, both in structure and the way it adapts and works to heal and regenerate itself under enormously difficult circumstances. The interpretation of the human body and all its mechanisms and complexity through various mediums has led to an exploration that is a long daunting process. Various artists, scientists, scholars, and the like, have long searched for ways to improve on past knowledge of how our body operates and uses all its intricate parts to work in unison to heal and adjust to unnatural and natural stimuli. With this in mind, i used this past knowledge and my own curiosity to create a unique, surreal, and visionary collection of anatomical drawings that set the human body in relation with the world around us and the universal structure.

In a unique and experimental way i wanted to transform the human body into a vast landscape of beauty and poetry that coincides with the creation of the universe and the roots of existence. "Jenkins has taken what was already a masterpiece and has carved out the forms and landscapes within us that mirror life and our world around us using bold colors and surreal settings that mimic the organic and unusual landscape within us," states M. Koira, Artist. The whole prmise of my concept was to take bone, muscle, veins, tendons, tissue, organs, and the layer of skin that protects them, and use them to support the desired setting such as rooms, mountains, landscapes, and theories of creation. I attempt to give a glimpse to the worlds inside our bodies that started from the roots of our existence and is connected to the earthly matter and ultimately the universal matter that occupies everything. The human body as a microcosm for the way the universe regenerates and adapts is a big question we all must ponder on some level. The question quite possibly could be found through this visual exploration into the mysterious worlds and forms within ourselves. In the end, i want to ponder these monumental mysteries and in the end creates works of art on the human structure that transcend its physical and earthly state.

The Transmutation of Time, Reflex, and Observation - colored pencil - 11"X14" - $700.00

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