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Art by Maisaa
Water colours, Acrylics, Ink
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Maisaa Moses
Westmoorings - Trinidad and Tobago
Acrylics - Other/Misc.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, I want my art to evoke feeling. It must be a constant love affair every time a person looks at the painting. Over the years I have fine-tuned my talent, but was never one to “colour inside the lines”. I started to experiment with other mediums to add texture, depth and character to my images. These mixed media paintings are created by combining acrylics, shimmer and even nail polish to achieve an incandescent, lacquered finish. I would describe my style as a combination of abstract and still-life with diamond-like details that reflect light. It’s something like when the sun hit a flower with dew drops on it. It has a glow to it. I would use bright pigments and glitter dust to depict a wide spectrum of a woman’s mood, movement, spirit and sensuality. The paintings are imaginative and have dream-like quality to them. On the canvas, the woman is portrayed as a vision of all that is graceful, nurturing, beautiful and enduring.
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Everyone have their own perception of art. If you see a painting that you like but would like a bigger size painting, then you should discuss with the artist the possibility of painting a similar painting to the size that you would require and the cost.

Thanks to my viewers
I would like to acknowledge the people who have viewed my paintings and as a result have made purchases.

Welcome to Art by Maisaa
I want to welcome all visitors to my website. Please click on each painting to see an enhanced image of the painting. As you can see, my paintings are affordable to everyone. Art is a constant love affair therefore, if you see a painting that you like, please leave a comment on my site. If you would like to purchase please email me at: Thank you once again for stopping by.

Lady in Red - Matted only - 41/2x73/4 - $SOLD

Maisaa Moses
2010-05-13 08:41:00
Art is seen differently through the eyes of different people. A painting can invoke strong emotions or not at all. There is no right or wrong way to view a painting.
Maisaa Moses
2010-05-07 11:29:07
Thank you for the beautiful Lady in Red painting. My advice to anyone viewing your work is to see the original artwork because the originals are even more beautiful than as portrayed by the pictures.

Janice Learmond-Criqui
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