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Fine Art in Acrylics - Mixed Media
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Linda Slasberg
Cottonwood , Arizona - United States
Acrylics - Landscapes

Born in a snow storm in February 1947.

I was raised and lived forty nine years of my life in a London suburb of England, working as a secretary after raising my two daughters.

My late husband and I initially arrived in Arizona in June of 1996 after years of traveling to Europe and the Middle East for our yearly vacations.

We had a dream; to live and work in the United States. Harvey wanted to help people; for me, who knew? We had accomplished our dream - now what!!

Then a series of unpleasant events arose in our lives, culminating in January of 1998, when my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor; he passed away three months later.

Soon after his death I moved down here to Rimrock; on the property we bought together after almost thirty years of marriage.

The first two or three years most of my time was spent in reflection, seeking spiritual guidance.

At that time, and now, I find great comfort and afinity with the Native American belief system; their ceremonies,...
phone: 928 567 3972
website: ArtByLinda
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The Red Bridge - acrylics - 17" x 23" - $475

Priyanka Puja Mankotia Bhand
2011-02-24 08:29:56
Natures beautiful.brings me peace.
Carol James
2007-05-11 09:39:33
One of the great advantages of Artistsites is having the opportunity to interact with others who share our interests, and to learn their stories. Yours is heartwarming and inspirational as is your work. I, too, feel great afinity with the Native American cultures. Home is the land of the Cherokee in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I visit the American southwest frequently. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my work and philosophy. I believe we are led to create and to expose the stories that need to be told. We are the beachcombers (something I've wanted to be since childhood) who walk the shoreline in search of that special something to embrace and share with the world.
Cheryl Mankey
2007-02-22 09:18:10
Golden glory is vivid. Your work is a one of a kind find. I like it.

2007-02-07 14:32:37
Pretty nice work, no art instruction? Not bad at all! (lol) Your paintings are beautiful, your use of color is excellent. I was born in Jan. '54....I'll have to find out what the weather was. I doubt my mother would remember, she was busy trying to get 9 pounds out. :-)
Linda Slasberg
2007-02-06 06:53:51
That is so nice to hear; thank you.
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