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Assotiative Allegorism by Alexander Chebotaryov
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Alexander Chebotaryov
Astrakhan - Russian Federation
Oil Painting - Other/Misc.

I was born in May 7, 1979. I live in Russia, Astrakhan. Degrees in psychology, graduated from Astrakhan State University. I worked as a sailor, teacher, caretaker, builder, graphic designer, advertising manager, an artist. Currently, the main activities - airbrushing on cars and motorcycles, painting, raising my son.
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Associative Allegorism
Associative allegorism is the trend of art, that lies at the edge of Symbolism, Surrealism and Fantastic realism. AA differs by deliberated approach, objectivity, freedom of artistic imagination and vivid emotion to the painting process. In AA
dominant role plays the plot. Technique, style and manner of painting fade into the background. This trend is widely uses such techniques as: minimization and exaggeration, collage, unusual and unrealistic combination of shapes and objects.

Associative allegorism is a riot of imagination, which has at its core logic, high organized plot by the kernel.

Any emotional condition state, thought or idea can be visualized by using a combination of recognizable images.

The purpose of AA is a reflection of the inner emotional condition of the author, his philosophy and thoughts with the symbolic, but at the same time easily recognizable figurative elements, using traditional artistic techniques.

The task of AA is artistic isolation of abstract concepts that have been reflected in the consciousness and embodied in the memory through concrete representations, using the regular relationship between the separate occasions, objects or phenomena.

Basic tools of AA are drawing, painting and sculpture. The artist have no limit in the choice of instruments to create a painting: it can be any inventions of a science, technology and industry that exist today, and will be developed in the future.

Early spring fantasy - iol, canvas - 77 x 50 - $sold

phillip seymour
2011-08-22 10:24:17
very cool stuff... one day I may be that good....i hope...
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