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Abstract Paintings by Cianelli
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Jaison Cianelli
New Boston , New Hampshire - United States
Digital Art - Abstract

Jaison Cianelli is a self-taught artist with a passion for expression.  His paintings are inspired by the visual cues in nature and expressed with spirit and spontaneity from emotions within.   For Jaison abstract art represents the creative spirit and unseen energies that evoke curiosity and wonder.  His digital abstract art paintings are very large, with full intent to be able to give off positive energy and emotion that positively impacts the senses. His work has been collected internationally and shown in New Hampshire, Fort Lauderdale, Newport, Miami, and Hot Springs. Jaison offers artwork for sale directly from his website.

Artist Statement: "My art is connecting with the creative expression that manifests by being grateful for life and observing the natural world. To connect I feel incredibly happy. Through my art I hope to inspire others and share the positive energy I receive."

Artist Blogs

About Abstract Digital Paintings
For me, abstract art represents the creative spirit and unseen energies that evoke curiosity and wonder. Through the exploration of the imagination and the delving into the mysterious creative processes, there is a special connecting moment that I love. By embracing the computer as a medium to create abstract art I found that it allows me to create with full capability where I am one with intent and spontaneous adaption. Although I am visually presenting something new, I hope there is a subtle familiarity and resonance in the feeling the abstract art gives. Each abstract art digital painting carries within it natural free flowing expression, with detail and subtle visual elements that allow for unique emotion and a particular reaction. I recently received a comment from someone know who put into simple words part of what I cam trying to convey in my abstract art. He said, "Love the vibrant an emotional energy flowing through a spiritual passage. Lets me feel free."

Abstract Art Ideas Through Observing Nature
Nature has a way of keeping your creative juices flowing because it is the essence of creation in the world we live.  One way to formulate an idea for an abstract art painting is to observe nature.  By being aware of your surroundings and taking a long uninhibited look at objects and formations you will be overcome with many ideas for an abstract piece.  I am often inspired, literally, from above.  Do you look up and see God's canvas?  The filtered rays of light, living shapes, and unbelievable color palette right at sunset have me itching to create.  Other things that inspire me are color patterns of flowers, reflections on water, the texture of rocks, and also the feathers of different birds.  So when I sit down to create abstract art I take with me the feeling and excitement I receive from the natural world.  I hope to share this inspiration all while create something entirely new to the viewing mind.

Walk on Water - Digital

Chloe Ma
2011-07-16 01:59:00
I can see the creative sprint from your paintings ,I love the pictures!
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