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Terry L Zarate
Flippin , Arkansas - United States
Oil Painting - Abstract

I am a fine artist working mainly in oils and have been working for over 40 years. I see my paintings as windows into other worlds. I get inspiration from my dreams. For more information about my work and to see almost 100 of my paintings, see my website -
phone: 870-453-6123
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Reorganizing my studios
This is the time of year that I organize my studios. I look forward to it every year. After working in one environment all year long, it can seem a little stale sometimes to go in and start working. I need a change and since I can't change the location (my home), I change the placement of equipment and furniture in my space. It can be very uplifting. I sit in my comfy chair and just look around for awhile, picturing how it might be if I moved this here or there. I imagine working at this drafting table or easel if it were in this position or that position. What if I moved my files to another location? What if my easle faced that way? What if I moved the desk across the room?
I start with the large items and then move the smaller items like the chairs, chairs, small tables, waste basket, bookcases, and taborettes. I then put away the reference drawings for paintings already finished and organize the paperwork and table tops. I look at all of my supplies with a new eye. I see things I haven't really seen for a long time. I find supplies I haven't used for awhile or even never and vow to do some work with them in the near future. It is quite a nice feeling when this is all accomplished.
I feel so inspired to start on a new painting and to just "be" in my "new" studio. It is like having a brand new studio. I always get a lot accomplished in the beginning and I am very pleased with the artwork I do.
I will organize and move furniture today and get my studio ready for 2009. Next year will be a good year.

Birds of Paradise - Oil - 28" X 22" - $715

Gail Daley
2009-02-03 10:40:52
Your work has a lovely illustrative quality. I really like Autumn. It reminded me of Gaea waiting for winter.

2008-12-28 21:30:10
Hi! Terry, Love your work and its so interesting to study, Great job!
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