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Yuko and Akari
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John Morales
New York , New York - United States
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Yuko Amagasa and Akari
This website will feature a series of drawings based on the romantic relationship between these two young women.

The main character is Yuko, she is a cloudy day kind of girl and can always be found with one of her many umbrellas, the basis of her nickname, Amagasa (Japanese for umbrella).

Akari, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. As her name implies (Akari means "light"), she is sunny and something of a spritely imp. However, she has completely entranced Yuko, who is now hopelessly in love with Akari. But as with all light-hearted girls, Akari floats like a butterfly from flower to flower; and Yuko is but one of the many people she brightens with her attentions.

So Yuko spends most of her time waiting in desperation and longing for the next time she can possess Akari, even if only for a short time. She pines to feel her touch, to hear her carefree giggles and to smell her scent of perpetual Springs and hope. But most of the time she is alone visiting places that she went before with Akari, hoping that she may be there again. She knows they will be together one day but until then she quietly waits in the rain.

Each drawing on this site is completely original but inspired by actual tanka poems from the Heian court of medieval Japan(794-1185). Each poem that is incorporated into the drawing reflects Yuko's hopes, fears and melancholy caused by her love for Akari.

Tanka poetry was a stylized form of communication used during the Heian period, particuarly as a method of communicating between lovers. Traditionally, it is made up of five lines with the syllabic structure 5-7-5-7-7. The poems here are translations from the book, "Ariake," translated by Liza Dalby. At times I have rewritten some text in the interest of a more accurate syllabic scan.

Please enjoy the bittersweet journey of Yuko and Akari.

The Plank Bridge - colored pencil and effects - 5 x 7 - $inquire

John Morales
2011-03-15 23:45:37
Please see my site at for better quality images.
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