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Two Gardens
Art is the Journey
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Kathy McClendon
Albuquerque , New Mexico - United States
Watercolor - Portraits & Figures

There is a story in faces and places! Everyone has a unique story - - where we come from; where we have been; where we are going. In all these places, life happens. Good, bad, exciting, dull, dynamic, or static, life keeps evolving. Art, in its many forms, is a vital part of the journey. Whether you dance it, view it, paint it, sing it, or buy it, don't forget to make art a part of your journey! What do I love? I love color, gardens, wildflowers, books, music, art, the enchanted land of New Mexico, close friends, and family. What do you love and what are you passionate about? Live Passionately!
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Always Evolving!
Stagnant Water is just gross! Stay dynamic; stay changing; stay open to new experiences and new ideas! A flowing river creates beauty and power! Just look at the rivers and waterfalls of Yosemite!

Long Time No See!
Happy Holidays! Holidays can hold the burden of sad memories or the exhilaration of new found adventures. Find new events, lightings, musicals, Farolito walks, new decorations, new books, etc. Look it up! Schedule It! Enjoy it! Take a friend!

Happy Labor Day!
Whatever it is: Manage It, Nurture It, and Enjoy It!

Lost Along the Way
Have you lost something along the way? Is it something you need to find, or is it something that will hamper the present and cloud the future? Take the next right step toward your unfolding journey!

As I watched a child continually throwing an empty soda bottle up onto a concrete levee, then watching its descent and racing to catch it before it reached the bottom of the hill, I began to question why we stop playing when we grow up! Play a senseless or sensible game today.

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I Will Sing You to Me - Watercolor - $NFS (Private Collection)

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