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Distinctive Photography with Soul
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Bruce Barone
West Springfield , Massachusetts - United States
Photography - Nature

Photography is my passion. The pursuit of wow. This is the way I try to live my life; all day; every day; Every where I turn and see I truly am astonished. Everyday I use my camera in the same manner a painter uses a brush every day, a sculptor a chisel, a pianist a piano. I am always creating images. And by constantly creating images, I continue to see new things in the world every day; and there is only one way to see new things and that is to be astonished. Simone Weil said: "Absolute attention is prayer." Tielhard de Chardin wrote: "Seeing: We might say that the whole of life lies in that verb - if not ultimately, at least essentially." I see myself as an artist. Whether I am photographing a wedding, a cat or dog, a nude, nature, a baby, a pregnant woman, a portrait……I consider all my photography art; and all my photography is personal work. Life is my subject matter

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