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Sheilah Lyles Painting/Photography
Blue Girl Creative Art
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Sheilah Lyles
Indianapolis , Indiana - United States
Photography - Other/Misc.

Sheilah Lyles aspires to achieve images that are “one step beyond reality” as a photographer and artist. She finds her means of expression in digital photography which is a blending of creativity and imagination. Her images are full of color, movement, and imagery.

Sheilah’s oil and acrylic paintings are a mixture of abstracts, collages, and realism.
In her own words:
“Creativity has been a central part of my life and allows me to express my inner being. I find peace and solace in my art.”

Artist Blogs

The Day Creativity Died
Once upon a time, children learned to read and write in our schools. They also sang songs in music and created their master works of art. There was movement...children would run, jump, laugh, and play in gym where they learned about fair play. Walking into a school, one could hear children singing and see art work posted on the walls throughout schools. Children wrote stories, with their own words and ideas about what they wanted without being prompted what to write. The children were free to create and express their artist self in their own way.
Then, one day, someone decided the children needed to be test takers. Schools started taking away money the children had for their art, music, and PE classes. When this happened, schools became quiet places. There was little music and laughter throughout the schools. A terrible thing happened...the creative soul of the children died.
Stand up for the arts! The right side of your brain will love you.

Let's face it...I love to create. I always envied people who had a passion in their passions for me. Remember the era of macrame...did it, then I crocheted, ceramics, tried my hand at refinishing antiques...still no passion.
My father was the family photographer. He had an unbelievable eye for taking outstanding pictures. It never dawned on me that I shared his love for photography until later in my life.
My daughter presented me with a wonderful camera one Christmas and told me..."you now have no excuse...just do it!" Well, I did and I found my passion.

Seven years ago, I had a great deal of stress in my life and I bought a canvas and some acrylic paints and started another passion in my life. I loved painting and would stay up until 3 AM painting, get three hours sleep, and go into work. I paint my worries away and the troubles of the world stop to exist.

The Fuel
The creative spirit is always searching and looking...we are never at rest...always thinking of our next creative venture. Our collaborations with other creative people can be the fuel that feeds our fire of creativity.

Sunflowers - Digital Photography - 8 x10 glicee print or canvas - $40.00 (other sizes available on request)

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