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Modern Contemporary Art by Dr. Roy Schneemann
tangible and spiritual worlds
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Dr. Roy Schneemann
Rosenau - France
Drawings - Abstract

My original visual contemporary art is about intersections – the intersection of nature and technology; the intersection of tangible and spiritual worlds; the intersection of the European cultures where I have lived and worked, as well as western interpretations of ancient visionary art from the east.

The use of pixels and a mouse instead of paint and brush is no compromise. Instead, my fusion of creativity and mathematical calculations results in one-of-a-kind, professional quality giclée prints on fine canvases that challenge your perceptions of the most mundane: birds in flight, cityscapes, an apricot. Bold, brightly colored images from my computer-generated palette of 16 million colors become intricate mandala-like devotions.

The subject matter of digital art has evolved to the point it has something valid to say; and secondly the archival issues have been removed, making it a legitimate subject to include in a serious collections. We are drawn into the mystical world by more...
phone: +33970613037
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Today a have also insert a link on my Website (Artiste & Gallery Group Int.) to point to the ArtistSites.Org. You can do the same if you want. Best regards, Roy

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Thank You in advance!
Best regards, Roy

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The HTML-Gallery was extended on today. There are 477 works now.
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ArtDeco - Open Edition on Canvas - 19.7x29.5 inches or 50x75cm - $450

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