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Accidental Visions
Images that were left for me to find
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Roy Senn
New Hartford , New York - United States
Photography - Other/Misc.

I am a serious photographer but it is not the way I earn a living. Photography for me has been an escape from the humdrum demands of staying solvent. I am a naturalistic photographer in that I do not stage my photographs, rather I endlessly seek to frame an arrangement of things that is somehow appealing, at least to me, and is there by accident, waiting for me to find.

My main photographic instrument is a 4X5 inch view camera. This style of camera requires that a film holder with a single sheet of film be inserted into the back of the camera, and the lens to be mounted on a light-tight bellows that is expanded or contracted for focusing. Ansel Adams used a camera of this design to produce his brilliant B&W landscapes.

Using view camera, however, is generally lonely and thankless. View cameras demand a tripod and the twiddling of numerous little knobs, and there are thousands of ways to spoil a $2.00 sheet of film. It is a friendless type of photography because no one, not even your...
phone: 315 724 6589
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Wind Swept Tree, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina - Scanned 4X5 Ektachrome 64 Transparency - Original 6300X4899 pixels - $$5.00 per Mpixel

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