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Rudy Eugene Dominguez
Raleigh , North Carolina - United States
Ceramics - Abstract

My artwork can sometimes be arousing, chaotic, emotional and visually appealing. I prefer to depict the human figure abstractly by using clay as my medium. My best work that illustrates my individualized style is through the use of clay by manipulation and contortion to create an abstract form, including the use of expressive marks and colors on the surface. My hands are my favorite tools when creating ceramic sculptures, because it gives me that control to manipulate the clay in a way that I can express my inner feelings through aggression, gentleness and sensationalism. When I work with clay, I am reminded that it once belonged to a sedimentary rock that took thousands of years to form naturally. I begin a piece with a mental picture of a contextual idea, such as form, texture, color and theme. Soon after I begin to draw out a sketch and challenge myself to mimic exactly what I had imagined and begin the process of manipulation. I know the piece is done when I am satisfied that...
phone: (919)270-1936
Artist Blogs

Holocaust Memorial Day
Today January 27th is the offical Holocaust Memorial Day, which I celebrate and pay tribute to the homosexual men that were massacred during the Nazi Holocaust.
The original title of this piece is:
In Erinnerung von den Homosexuellen Männern während der Nazistischen Massenvernichtung
(The Forgotten: In memory of the homosexual men during the Nazi Holocaust).

This installation pays tribute to the homosexual men during the Nazi Holocaust. So far I
handcrafted around 240 individual pieces using a press mold and my ultimate goal for this
on going project, is to continue and mass produce around 15,000 + to simulate the number
of homosexual men that were massacred at the concentration camps.

The Forgotten: In memory of the homosexual men during the Nazi Holocaust - Clay - 6" x 6" x 6" - $NFS

natasha kemp
2008-04-22 17:19:18
i love your work
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