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Making My Mark on Abstract Expressions
My Own Manic Mania!
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Mark Hilzley
Atlanta , Georgia - United States
Oil Painting - Abstract

I NEEDED SOMETHING TO EXPRESS MY EMOTIONSOne day I found myself drifting through life without direction, and everything was changing, a new town, no job, lost my love, and didn't know anyone.I need a distraction for hiding in my own misery, so I started painting, and found that in Abstract expressions in Oil and Acrylic that I could express some inner feelings that need to come out rather than being bottled up inside of me.To me the paintings are self explanitory, but I will leave you to decide what it is an expression is, and I assure you that what it means to you will probably be just as important as what it meant to me.I hope you like what you see, am open to comment, questions, or any feelings that the work evokes in you!I also consign work if you have something in mind that you would like to see just let me know!

phone: 404-447-7878
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carolyn pinkham
2012-04-29 09:09:35
I know how you feel. I have many losses-----and art is a positive way to deal with life-s up and downs. keep up the wonderful work.
Gadu Duaso
2008-10-27 17:27:01
i like the approach of your expression. Very creative. its a nice example of an abstract style.
Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-05-18 11:45:53
what I feel when looking at this piece is.
Expanding horizons from a bleak place where my words where never heard(red).
2 having an inner insight(intuition)(yeollow eye inside)
3 trying find a spiritaul path (purple)
4 verticle lines being dominated by socity(bars as if imprisoned)
Natasha Cabral
2008-02-20 10:51:43
Ha,sounds like what I almost thought about doing. My art career is helping me keep grounded though. Do you have more art work you've done? You should show some more of it off. The world likes to see what you have to offer ; ) (Wink)
Krystle Easter
2007-12-16 03:55:13
I think that is great that you were able to find an outlet for your emotions!if I didnt have my creative side,I dont know what I would do.Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays!! :)
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