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Religious Art-Arte Sacro By LUDOVICUS
Expressions of Faith
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Sunny Isles Beach, Fl , Florida - United States
Wood - Other/Misc.

As a response to my disposition of work, it seems that I have been positioned to remind people what they had forgotten, through simple expressions that, although they seem decorative, if utilized correctly, they can put Faith in motion again. A Faith that is very personal to each one of us. …….and, if I accomplish that some of the people that examine these works, stop for a moment to consider that what they are seeing is producing something inside, if I accomplish that they recall that at some point what they are seeing meant something, at least I would have reached that small space to lodge the Holy Spirit and He will take care of the rest. …...Like He did with me.

phone: 786.247.1962
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A corner to remember
All my artwork is made in the hope of be a ligthhouse of spiritual presence. Each time you make eye contact with one of the art pieces, you should remember that "somebody" wants to keep you in contact with a higher level of Consciousness, and let be loved by Him.

Though Faith is not understood, explained nor learned, the showing of "Expressions of Faith" intends to transmit the own experience of the artist when he surrenders to the action of a sincere and simple Faith, because of it, once the public visits the exhibit, the public should receive a clear message: that what is shown here, beyond art, beyond concepts or ideas, is an Expression of Faith.

Religious symbols are part of that collective agreement of classification, although they were born in another form of agreement, one in which a group of people were identified as members of the same family, children of the same Father, Brothers and Sisters, that showed more filial pride than the need for social recognition, those symbols also, those and not others, help them to remember "things" referring to family, of the actions of other brothers and sisters, of the Father or the Mother, of the teachings that would be utilized to live.

All of these works are part of an exhibit currently showing at MULETART, 707 NE 125th. St., North Miami, Fl. Exhibit will run until September 21, 2007.
Call 305.409.0118 or 786.247.1962 for more information.

IHS - Wood with Mixed Technique - 7 X 8 in. (15 X 15 cm.) - $175

Joseph Bentley
2007-09-17 17:52:18
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