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Kravet Fabric
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Frank Laslo
Anaheim , California - United States
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Kravet Fabric. Luxurious defined.
Kravet Fabrics has an outstandingly large database of luxurious fabrics. It seems like there is no end to the long listings of fabrics on their website, until you stumble upon that one you donít know how you ever lived without. Thatís the amazing thing about Kravet, just when you think they offer too much Ė you find something perfect.

Kravet Fabric is a fourth generation family company, founded in 1918. They have locations worldwide and are known for being trade-only industry leaders. When you think of fabrics, you think of Kravet Fabrics because they are and always have been at the top of their game. The fact that theyíre a family run company is what really speaks to a lot of people. Itís inspiring to know that thereís a genuine family behind the logo on the large building.

The Kravet Fabrics listed on their site are categorized in several different ways. Couture, design, window, collections, green, smart, soleil, contract, and guaranteed to be in stock. The guaranteed to be in stock selection is especially helpful if you need to purchase fabric as soon as possible and simply donít have the time to wait for it to be ordered. This is the perfect option for those working within close deadlines!

Kravet Fabric often teams up with designers Ė both in the interior and fashion industries. These big name designers include: Barbara Barry, Michael Berman, Candice Olson, Waterworks, Echo Design, Calvin Klein Home, Ralph Lauren, and even the Museum of New Mexico.

When searching for a fabric, youíre given a plethora of options to help narrow down the search in the large database. First, you can select what youíll be using the fabric for: drapery, multipurpose, or upholstery. Of course you can also choose all if youíre not quite sure what the use will be. You can search by color, design styles, types of fabric, through the collections (designer and non-designer alike). If you know the specific name of a fabric, you can type that in as well. Then comes the fun part Ė you can scroll through the thousands of fabrics in the Kravet inventory and find the one thatís perfect for you.

Once youíve selected a fabric, it is broken down into 18 informative categories. These categories of information range from brand, design style, use, fabric width all the way to the fire code. This plethora of information is extremely useful to help you determine the use and get a feel for the product before youíve seen it in person. Thereís nothing worse than ordering fabric only to receive it and realize it was not at all what you were looking for. Not every manufacturer offers this much information on each and every piece of fabric they carry. Thatís one of the many things that separates Kravet Fabrics from the rest of the industry. Their years of experience in the industry has shaped them to become one of the best.

Searching for fabric is one of the most fun and interesting aspects of designing a room. Purchasing fabric really shows how endless the creative possibilities are and can be. Kravet Fabrics offers such a large selection that itís practically impossible to not find one that you really love.


Frank Laslo
2012-07-06 14:16:38
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