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cathy snowbeck
minneapolis , Minnesota - United States
Mixed Media & Collage - Other/Misc.

I have been creating as long as I can remember. In school, I had to conform what my teachers wanted based on their vision. It was in college, my teachers encourage me to continue and free in the style. I will never forget my two special teachers !!!! My art teacher "Frank and my photography teacher "Will Agar" always supported me in my style. Creating let's me express to the world the way I see and feel life. What is reality. A lot of us really do beat a different drum in life.

Through the years family and friends have encouraged me to share my pieces , shyness has always been a block. Every piece I have created is part of who I am, what is the value of me then. Its was a few years ago finally brought some pieces to a small gallery and they invited me to have a showing of 15 of my pieces. Its was so great to share. I was invited back to that gallery and to another but, shyness can back again . I put my pieces away and put my brush away again.

Last year, I started creating...
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New Pieces
Please stop over and see the new three pieces I have added. Thank you!!!!!!!

A new Piece "One Atom of God's Love"
Hello again.

Please stop by and see the new piece I have added. If we all had on atom of God's love, what else would we need:) Thank you!!!

New Pieces
Hello Everyone,

Please stop over and see the new pieces I have been working on. I hope you can feel from them. Thank you!! Kat

Thank You!!
I just want to thank those who stopped by and looked at my pieces. Now I feel real support from those who I have never meet. Its took all these years to finally feel really free to share my vision in life through art!!!!

Stresses OF llife - MIXED MEDIA - 18 X 20 - $B-O

Johnnie belinda Ramey
2008-05-22 21:09:47
cathy, pieces of rape i can relate too,
Angela Gegg
2007-12-17 20:32:09
And as per your response to Linda: I too have spent the majority of my life fighting against what has been told to me my entire life.. people don't seem to understand that ART comes from ones mind and often times heart... And many times its the very people closest to you who put your work down the most - believe me I KNOW!!! Linda is right - do not put your brushes away missy...
Angela Gegg
2007-12-17 20:29:45
AFTER DEATH - very very very smooth... I love it!
Giorgio Tuscani
2007-12-01 11:42:45
thank you so much for you kind words..keep up the good work on your beautiful art
Linda Hoxie
2007-11-30 02:10:00
Thank you too for your kind words about my artwork.
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