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Rohn Inspirations
Fine oil paintings of our beautiful planet!
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Katalin Rohn
Toronto - Canada
Oil Painting - Landscapes

My art is my passion,I am my art.I have been an artist ever since I can remember.Self taught,however the great masters have been my teachers through study.One or two I call my personal mentors.My works reflect nature in endless elegant forms.My very brush strokes are merely a shadow expression of the divinity that lies within creation.It is beauty that sustains all things that brings awareness alive that lives within all of us.I try to capture onto my canvas the mere precious moments that are ever changing,ever fluid which never return.

True,I was a late bloomer when it comes to painting.Though in my life I have expressed myself in various art forms.Only in the past few years have I chosen to paint in the medium of oil,or rather it has chosen me.I paint for the mere joy it brings me and for others to see through my eyes the moments that are so very fleeting.I explore various old techniques,with realistic principles and a touch of impressionism which are mirrored from my work.

phone: 416-857-1333
Artist Blogs

Good to be an artist!
My favorite season-is autumn. The colors of Indian Summer sees me at furious work before it all changes. I must get them onto my canvas. These spectacular colors have to be memorialized before they disappear forever. Indian Summer. The last warmth of the sun. Cool mornings and warm afternoons still.

There was the most glorious moon the other night and there was a definite chill in the air. This morning there is a touch of frost on grass as I sit looking at the the falling leaves--like all in life, all is changing. Today it is good to be an artist.

Paradise Regained!
Seascapes are close to my heart. I immerse my self fully when I enter this watery world of magic. Each brush stroke brings back a memory, each color from my palette is a testament of days in the sun.

I can smell the scent of the salty ocean spray, feel the gentle warm breeze on my face and hear the waves crashing thunderously onto the nearby rocks that are reaching for the sky. A group of seagulls float gently above. The odd one dives into the white foam disappears momentarily, then it emerges with its prize--it is not simply a beautiful vision, but suggests `Paradise not Lost`, but `Paradise Regained` for me.

It makes me aware of spirit, of the spiritual aspect of our very existence and the glory that is abound, the eternal embracing us.

My inspiration! --My love!-- My essence!
`There is pleasure in the pathless woods; There is rapture on the lonely shore; There is society, where none intrudes, by the deep sea and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more. -Lord Byron

My thoughts as well---regarding my work!
I remember a hundred lovely lakes, and recall the fragrant breath of pine and fir and cedar and poplar trees. The trail has strung upon it, as upon a thread of silk, opalescent dawns and saffron sunsets. It has given me blessed release from care and worry and the troubled thinking of our modern day.

It has been a return to the primitive and the peaceful. Whenever the pressure of our complex city life thins my blood and benumbs my brain, I seek relief in the trail; and when I hear the coyote wailing to the yellow dawn, my cares fall from me - I am happy.
~Hamlin Garland, McClure's, February 1899

`Reaching for the sun` - Oil on canvas - 18X24 - $450.00

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