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Past contentment and madness...
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Zipporah Michel
Miami , Florida - United States
Mixed Media & Collage - Portraits & Figures

Heian art has recently come to my attention. The patterns of Japanese and Chinese silk dresses are so mesmerizing that I took the liberty of thinking that the classic ink art-style I've never touched on in a while had to be brushed on. Most of my works are based on Asian mythologies and folk tales. My favorite, of course is the Heian Period tales. In the Heian era of Japan was the peak of modern-day Kyoto. Heian was dubbed as the "Era of Peace and Tranquility".
phone: 786-247-4051
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So Busy...
The busiest time of my life to ever join a new art website... I have too much to do, so my post will be short and I pretty much hope I get to know everyone on this site and other affiliates. ;3

ZEN: Akaku no Midori - Pen and Color-Pencil - "9.5 in. x "22.5 in. - $$39.99

Zipporah Michel
2010-10-02 13:27:11
your welcome and thank you! <3
InÍs De Sollero
2010-10-02 10:56:03
Thank u SO SOOO much means alot 2 me ur work is incredible
InÍs De Sollero
2010-10-02 10:55:28
Thank u SO SOOO much means alot 2 me ur work is incredible
Zipporah Michel
2010-09-20 12:28:28
Welcome everyone! :D
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