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Ecollage Furniture
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Jim Spiri
Wickenburg , Arizona - United States
Wood - Other/Misc.

I make art furniture from primarily recycled (scrap, used, found) wood, steel, and other materials. A used material has already had a life which can be reflected and transformed in the new object. My permanent address is in Ashland, Oregon, but i travel freely, and am currently Artist-in-Residence at Date Creek Ranch in Arizona. i've collected some Saguaro cactus skeletons, dead Mesquite wood, and a beautiful old naturally hollowed Cottonwood tree. I use mostly solar power and elbow grease, i'm trying a new hardwood finish with rosewood oil and no petroleum or VOC.

My educational background is in architecture (Carnegie-Mellon U) and photography (Pratt Institute, Pratt Graphics Center, New School, UC Santa Cruz, Central Washington U, Academy of Art College). My photography was mainly large format alternative processes. I'm also a musician ( Never had a music lesson.
Artist Blogs

Ecollage is back, baby!
I started Ecollage in 1997 in Bend, Oregon. I loved the work and made some nice pieces, several are in private collections in Oregon and San Francisco. One was awarded First Place at Bendís annual Art Redux competition. I was represented by the Soleil Riviere Gallery in nearby Sunriver. I donated my Hannibal Lectern to a charity auction, it was used by the auctioneer and raised a nice chunk of change. I was honored with an Earth Hero Award by the Central Oregon Environmental Center. Unfortunately i spent most of my sales on tools and suspended the operation after less than two years as i no longer had a workshop (iím trying to locate photographs from that period, maybe on an old hard drive...)

Most of my artistic endeavors since then have been musical ( In September, 2010, i was invited to be Artist-in-Residence at the utopian Date Creek Ranch in Arizona ( I wasnít planning on making furniture (i knew my remote cabin would have no AC power, just my tiny 12 volt solar rig, and my truck canít reach it), But when i arrived and saw the Saguaro cacti, the Muse gave me a kick, and said, ďYou need to make some furniture, Jack.Ē (not sure what might happen if she finds out iím not Jack). So iím gathering (responsibly, sustainably, and legally) dead things: Saguaro skeletons, Joshua Tree root, Mesquite wood, a beautiful hollow Cottonwood tree, as well as bones (so far: cattle, javelina, and beaver [yes, in the Arizona desert, this place is awesome]) and other materials (thereís a lot of nice rusty steel here, but mostly it gets reused by the ranch, even the barbed wire), while trying to earn funds for solar-rechargeable tools and an acetylene welding/cutting rig. Iím making an adze, a cactus-sized miter box, and other hand tools ...

Jim Spiri (October 30, 2010)

Hassayampa Byrdbath - Cottonwood, Steel, Serving Tray (used) - 24" Dia. x 29"H - $200 + shipping

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