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Don German's Art
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German E Cerda Romero
Yonkers , New York - United States
Acrylics - Landscapes

The time of the man, is not only, the time of its life… That time to exist, is the time in which the soul exists in the body where it inhabits imperturbable… The high essence of God is the thinking Being, call Man… who has developed the Art to live, discovering day to day the presence of the his infinite wisdom… done with simple inspirations, that causes its spirit to fly…
Don German de la Cerda - is the pseudonym - of the Ecuadorian writer and artist German Ernesto Rodrigo Cerda Romero. Born in the Province of Pujilí, Cotopaxi in the Republic of Ecuador on December 1948…
A masterful teacher, Don Jorge Cerda Nieto –his father- taught him to read and his mother taught him the sensitivity of the life, nature, and the soul…
Excellent parents of nine children, Don German the fourth of them… Something left for the formal studies, but extraordinary reader and self-taught person par excellence… possessor of a born talent for the Plastic Arts - Painting exposed its painting...
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Plastic Canvas
This material is durable, with a beautiful surface that is easy to transport. It is very adecuate to put the pigments tha will make beautiful landscapes.

Palm Tree Bark Medium
The Palm Tree Bark Medium has been treated so it can last for centuries with secret formulas that the painter has aquired during his life. On top of this color has been added to create the most sublime landscapes.

The polished surface of the tiles and the white backgrounds inspires me to put the natural colors of nature at its maximum expressions.

Sailing during Sunset - Plastic Canvas - 16.7cm x 16.7cm (6.6" x 6.6") - $250.00

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