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Cassandra Donnelly
Hampton , Virginia - United States
Digital Art - Abstract

I'm a self-taught artist from Hampton, VA. I'm currently working as an art therapist. I've had some painting and drawing classes at the College of Charleston.

I've been creating art my whole life. I've used it as a way to cope with a difficult life full of trauma and hardship, and as a way to convey my deep, inner, turbulent emotions.

As I matured and began healing, new images emerged to reflect my progress.

I found God and His deliverance and began to understand who He is and His real love for me, which was transforming. My images often reflect my inner feelings and his inner work/healing/deliverance with me. God has done some amazing things!

My art is a form of worship. It is a mutual exchange with God. I love Him and choose to express His work in me and his heart which longs to create healing and new life in others. In return for my obedience (doing what I love and what he desires) He blesses me with more gifts, more visions, and more God encounters....
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united in heart, protected in love
This is my latest image. Its for a friend who is getting married on Saturday.

It shows the couple in stylized fashion in front of a heart surrounded by a hedge of protection, which are the angels.

I was working on trying to establish a composition. If I have time I may paint this in either watercolor or acrylics or just frame the image as it is, since it took around 6 hours or so just to create this image.

I made the background angels in oil pastels and scanned them and did a few artistic touches on photoshop. I also drew the couple's face from a photograph, and drew a stylized version of the bodies. I then attached the head drawing to the bodies and put it on the heart background.

I'd appreciate feedback, good or bad so I can finalize this image and make it as pleasing to the eye as possible, composition wise, style and drawing wise, and color wise.

Any ideas how to improve it?

New Beginning

About the art: I made some art first and soaked in God's presence. The art then led to a prophetic word from God which I begin to write on the back of the picture made with oil pastels. I ran out of room so I copied it on regular paper. I read it in church later that day and it matched with the sermon perfectly. God does that alot at our church. One of my friends liked the word so much she typed it up and passed it along to others, who then passed it around some more. One of my other friends gave the word to my other Church and they posted it and he also gave it to another church and they read it.

I then fancied the picture up with photoshop. I love using both fine art plus computer technology.

Here's the prophetic word from early Sept 23, 2007:

Your new beginning is here, says the Lord. Do not dismay. You have waited and have hoped. You have anchored yourself in me. I am faithful to keep my promises. I am faithful. I have heard your cries, and I have not kept silent. I have spoken, says the Lord. I have spoken into you, and your words have birthed new life, new beginnings. Watch as I restore. Watch as my promises come to pass. Watch and see. I am a good God - a loving, merciful God. I have not turned my back, but I have shown mercy and grace. To you, oh faithful one – the heavens are open. To you I will bring order and restoration. To you I will bring healing. You have waited and have tarried. You have held on against all odds. You have held my light close to you in the darkest hours, and you have not lost your way. You have spoken my name, crying out to me when all else has failed, and I have heard you. I have seen you. I have seen how much you love me, how much you trust me. I have seen you give up everything for me. Now watch, says God. Watch what I do. Watch how good I am. Let me show you how much I love you. Let me show you just how faithful I am. Let me show you. No, you have not seen yet. You have not tasted yet, what I'm about to do will be brand new. I am about to surpass your expectations. I am about to make a way where there is no way. I am about to release the breakthrough. Victory is yours. Victory – is – Yours! Rejoice says God. Rejoice. Behold, a brand new day has come. I have opened up the doors. I am releasing…releasing…I am freeing you from captivity. I am freeing the blessings that have been withheld – all the powers of darkness cannot stop me, they cannot stop what I am doing, and what I'm about to do. Get ready to be overtaken by your blessings. Get ready to go even higher. Get ready, for I'm about to show you something amazing. I am a faithful God. I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek me. I am about to reward you, good and faithful servant. You cannot contain my goodness. I am a God of more than enough. I am a God of plenty. Rejoice and be glad – for the hour is at hand. Sing and be glad. I love to make you happy. I want to show you how good I am. I want to show you how much I love you. I want you to know beyond all doubt that I am with you and that I take care of you – that I would never hand you over to the enemy. You are mine – all mine, says God. Nothing can separate you from my love. You are mine, and I am yours. Oh beloved, how I have been waiting for this day – just to show you how much I care, how much you mean to me. Oh, how I love you. Oh, how I want only the best for you. Oh, how I wish you could understand my unfathomable love, and how much I have it all under control. How I turn around every circumstance to bless you and strengthen you. I know how to give good gifts. I formed you in your mother's wombs. I know your hearts desires, my children. I know you. I know what makes your hearts glad. Yes, my love for you cannot be weighed. It is never-ending. Yes, my children, I love you. So much so, that I have appointed this day, this hour to show you in a special way. Get ready – there's some gifts right now, and the best is yet to come

- Your loving, merciful Father, God

united in hearts, protected in love - digital-oil pastel, pencil drawing, plus photoshop

Renee Decator
2007-10-09 07:01:24
Thank you for the kind words, and I am so happy to see your work, it is beautiful.
Renee Decator
2007-10-08 20:37:08
I hope you post some work, I would love to see it.
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