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digital pseudepigraphos
Constantine Cionca
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Constantine Cionca
Ridgewood , New York - United States
Digital Art - Abstract

Constantine Cionca personal journey as an artist began in his childhood. Born in Drobeta an ancient old city on the left bank of the Danube River, Constantine showed an aptitude for art from an early age. In high school, he began taking art classes with professional community artists
Constantine went to study fine arts at University of Arts Bucharest/Romania, continuing with summer studies at the Masters Art League,
“If I wouldn’t believe in my art and it’s meaning, certainly I wouldn’t do it. I learn the path not only in a way of knowing myself but also in becoming oneself, creator into my space-time”.
He spent serval years developing his style. His subjects were varied, but most come from his experience and cultures, from the history to philosophy, via mythology and modern art.
In his view, digital art, this new “voice”, as painting under the aesthetic consideration is also an art of picking up lines, forms, and colors, balance them by the composition order. Some of his traditional...
phone: 917-239-1297
Artist Blogs

digital journey

Dream Path
February 7, 2016
Constantine Cionca

A journey of great joy! journeys of ambition

Nothing happens without a purpose. The path that speeds us toward our dreams can be a challenging and complex one, we often hesitate at the start of that path, questioning our purpose or our capabilities.
We should be moving...

"Timesquare" First Prize
Constantine Cionca have won 1st Prize for "Timesquare" in the category Digital art in Avisen-avk's International Art Contest, May 5th 2008, Denmark []

Hello Friends, and welcome to my ArtistSites page.

Constantine Cionca-receives Special Recognition
Artist Constantine Cionca of Bronx, New York has received five "Special Recognition" Merit Award for the artwork entitled "Agony","Church","Revelation","Holy Tree","Last Supper" in the 9th Annual Judeo-Christian International Juried Online Art Exhibition hosted by, Omaha, NE SUA.
The exhibition will be on display online in April at and continue for 12 months, closing March 31, 2008

why I am in a way I am?
Filling this first note in a blog, a lucid revelation about at least one real thing happening: my soul travel into this univers with no edge in space, no begining or end in time, at least not in my time.I remember the past and not the future. What do I know about myself and how I know it? As a creative guy I invite you to enter into my e-Diarium [2006 electronic diary] and my inner city:

form&expression No.22 - digital art - 20x23 - $370

mihai rogobete
2007-04-05 10:50:15
beautiful work, agony its the best...
Constantine Cionca
2007-04-04 10:23:00
With my experience as artist and webdesigner, I just want to tell you this,I am glad I joined the ArtistSites, a place with great looks and interface, that offer to everyone easy to do tools. Thank you.[CC]
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