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Brenda Roper
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brenda roper
LA , California - United States
Drawings - Other/Misc.

Screenwriter, songwriter, actor, artist
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(page 21 of the book Inspirit A Grace Sign by Brenda Roper who is a screenwriter, songwriter, and poet)


After being beckoned by
Haunted horrid visions few
Notions knew I not
What else I could do

So I heeded calls
Where I wondered far away
Dreadful dreary clouds hovered
That dark, dull sultry day

I walked past withering willows
Along a suffering shore
Inside boundless borders
I reached a misty moor

Then the soundless sounded off
As though it came alive
Something that surrounded me
Unbelievably did thrive

As I leered the lonely land
Of torrid terrain
Alas, a voice called out
Giligia’s my name

A mourning martyred land I am
Unnerving Giligia groaned
Be it better if you listen
A meadowlark did moan

The inexcusable incurred
Invaders they came in
Pillaging and plundering
Pounding perils to no end

Multitudes of people peered
One by one we did fall
Our world’s a cemetery
They did kill us all

Warnings I do deliver you
Wailing wretchedly she said
Once alive a peaceful people
Now we are all dead

These words they are all true
Concerning a life lost
When fellow man has fallen
Comes all a heavy cost

Fear the frightened forest
Which holds captive all it can
With death it does devour
Many a soul of man

For you who want to live
Learn a lesson well
If history’s forgotten
Past repeats, so go tell

Anyone at all’s next
Someone else, even you
Feeling for humankind
This all men must do

Stand up, put a stop
Ignore no atrocity
Or same soul upon unrest
You might be as me

Then the wind went whoosh
And Giligia was gone
Far and fast from there I too
To pass her message on

- $not4sale

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