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The Art of Glen A. Schofield
Acrylic Paintings
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Glen Schofield
Redwood City , California - United States
Oil Painting - Landscapes


Everyday I am amazed by the natural beauty around me. I carry a camera everywhere I go just in case I see a gorgeous sky or a new way shadows form from the mountains or landscapes around. Living in Northern California affords me the opportunity to see, paint and photograph fantastic sunsets, huge redwoods, snowy mountains and colorful seascapes. I also travel quite a bit and wherever I go, from the East Coast to Canada or Hawaii, I photograph solely for the purpose of painting. Painting from my new studio in San Jose, I start with the photos I need for a particular painting and draw directly onto the canvas. I begin with an acrylic underpainting as a base for color. Then, using a series of different techniques from light washes to dry brushing, I begin to detail the painting. I will also use glazing techniques and thickening compounds to get the desired affects needed for a particular look. Final details are applied with a very fine detail brush where the tree branches, highlights,...
phone: 408-425-8592
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josh cox
2007-11-20 04:10:03
just beautiful very real
ui uj
2007-04-20 19:33:12
I applaud you for carrying a camera everywhere you go. I would love to see Northern California one day soon. Nice perspective on the painting.
cathy savels
2007-03-18 23:24:05
Wow! I thought this was a photo. I strive to get photo realism like yours.
Ali Warters
2007-03-13 15:26:10
You have really beautiful work
Ofelia Uz Gonzalez
2007-03-06 14:21:41
Beautiful artwork!
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